Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Dresses and Up Coming Super Cute Fabrics!!!

So you're probably sooooo sad because I haven't participated in Lolita Blog Carnival for the last couple right? Just utterly devastated, right? .... Yeah, I didn't think so, ha ha. Plus I can't teach you cuties about make up because to be perfectly honest... I don't really wear any unless it's a special occasion, so go read those other girls blogs and learn all their tips and tricks! (There were some really informative ones, trust me!) I just spoiled myself to some Sephora foundation my friend recommended and some Dolly Wink falsies, with a gift card, so maybe after I do a couple test runs I'll do a transformation post! *o* Like a pretty, pretty butterfly. Ha.

I've been finally getting back into my swing of sewing again, and hopefully will continue to pick up speed these next few weeks and turn out as many designs as humanly possible until my fingers are all stiff and I can't sew any more without a break! I just have so many things and ideas that I want to try, that really I just wish there were two of me sometimes. (At the very least Cookie should be pulling her weight, ya you heard me Miss Cat!)

Remember a few posts back in: Fall/Winter Prints, where I showed off some of the new fabrics? Well, I thought I'd show you what some of those turned in to, as well as, some NEW fabric that is just SO beautiful and I am super excited to use!

Jewelry Rose Skirt: A Sweet/Classic Skirt

This is one of the most popularly viewed/favorited items on both tumblr and Etsy!

Alice in Wonderland Circus: A Sweet/Gothic Skirt

Alice in Wonderland Circus: A Sweet Skirt

Sold! <3

Alice in Wonderland Circus: A Sweet/Classic JSK

I played around with this JSK a lot in the beginning, because as I told you in the previous post, I really wanted to do a kind of overlay fabric that would both evoke a sense of softness and elegance. I was between using the creme chiffon featured here and a creme textured organza which would have added fullness, with a stiffer kind drape, not as smooth. I felt like the chiffon would give me a more ethereal sort of fullness, one that would flutter in a gentle breeze and allow light through to the glitter embedded in the print beneath. (As I was photographing, it was quite windy and chilly so I got to see the chiffon flutter and it was quite lovely! Even if my teeth were chattering!)

I chose to compliment the creme overlay with a number of intricate parts of the design that can only be really appreciated in person. The silk chiffon neckline of the bodice was carefully hand beaded with off white faux pearls to match the chiffon overlay, as well as beaded that trickled down the lace peeking out from the princess seams. I choose a matching faux pearl as buttons for the waist ties, and a beaded organza butterfly on a whim. Both the bias bound armholes and the waist ties are made from the original Alice print without a chiffon overlay. I also made a matching beaded head bow, which I need to find a thin white band to put in on for wear.

Alice in Wonderland Circus: A Classic/Military JSK

I will freely admit, that while I knew I wanted white/coffee/chocolate accents to be the main focus of this jumper skirt dress, that the inspiration really didn't come to me until I was beginning to fall asleep sometime last week. (I get some of my best ideas in the twilight sort of phase where you're half awake but slipping into dreams.) Occasionally, I've seen a lot of main stream "military" style flourishes used in lolita ensembles, especially classic wear---buttons, epaulettes, chain, etc. I thought I would give it a shot since it's not really a style that I've been drawn to or tried yet.

When I went hunting for some accent fabric, I decided on a quarter yard of chocolate brown and a chocolate satin (which I was going to use as a waist bow until I added the button front) that I thought would be very light and pretty for ruffle accents and bows. I came across these adorable star buttons and new they had to be featured especially since the Alice print's stars were gold and glittery. I went ahead with the gold top stitching again just like in the blue Alice skirt as I felt it gave it an appropriate shimmer, as well as a handful of faux pearls to compliment the previous jumper skirt as if they were a matching pair or collection. I wanted to have elements that would pull all three fabrics together.

In the end, I decided to go with a tea colored silk for the top of the bodice and scoop neck with princess seams to add both dimension and fit. Then I accented the bodice with healthy sized ruffles, beading, bows, and star buttons with chain. A friend suggested a little military like cap would be cute, but I am uncertain of how to make one or I would!

NEW FABRICS! (Prepare for cuteness induced heart attack!)

Gorgeous Alice in Wonderland!!! I've searched for this rare fabric for over 2 years!
B & W Alice Silhouette with gold glitter

Red Bunny Tea Party
Rose Red Velvet to go with Red Bunnies
Blue Strawberry Kitties

Blue Bunny Tea Party

Blue Pony Carousel

Hope you are as excited about these new fabrics as I am! *o*<3 And if you want to see any of the new dresses, click here!


  1. OMG the new Fabrics are soo wonderful now I'm sad that I can't sew xD And I really really love the dress with the chiffon overlay!

    1. Aren't you excited?!? Because I am really psyched about them!! ^o^ Thank you, me too! I love that it's so flowy!

  2. Replies
    1. I think so too! I wish there were two of me so I could design/sew faster hahaha :D

  3. The new fabrics are so pretty! I can't wait to see what you create with them :D. My favorite is the Alice in Wonderland print, I can see why it was rare and so sought after. It's lovely!

    1. Omigoodness, I KNOW! I literally... and I mean literally, shrieked out loud when I found it and had a momentary heart palpitation! :3 It is even more beautiful in person, the detail just can't be captured on camera! Whoever the illustrator was did a fantastic job!

      I'm still debating the design! :o I've had so many suggestions from people! I don't know how I will decide ha ha

    2. It looks very brand; there's a great quality in the design. You'll have a ball working with it but I can imagine it's overwhelming given the positive reception about the fabric!

    3. *o* Exactly!! I want to be able to do it justice!!

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  5. I am absolutely in love with the pink overlay dress. O_O Stunning!

    Do you draft your own patterns?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ha, I replied on the wrong post the wrong comment! >.<

      What I meant to say was, lol, yes indeed I do draft my own patterns! ^-^ I'm super glad you like it!


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