Friday, June 29, 2012

Pop Princess: A Stellar Review on EGL Comm Sales!/A Princess of the Royal Court

^-^ Hooray! <3 This is a little announcement to share with you all the very first review evvvver of Pop Princess, which is brought to you by the lovely lolita, Ruizuchii, on the EGL Comm Sales! Remember the darling sax blue bunny garden one piece? Well, she is the one who bought it! And come on, tell me... doesn't she look super super super cute? <3

Also, welcome her as our first princess of the royal court! <3

You can follow the sweet, darling girl on her LJ blog or keep updated with her cute outfits on her Flickr! (Flickr, Ruizuchii's Blog) She was just a peach to work with, and I'm very happy that one of my favorite prints went to such a cutie pie! <3

On to the super positive review she wrote, with more photos: CLICK HERE!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pop Princess S/S 2012 Sweet Lolita Collection

Visit us at Pop Princess to find the new Spring/Summer 2012 Collection debuting darling Sweet Lolita clothing, accessories, and purses! ^-^ This collection features sugary sweet prints of bunny rabbits frolicking in gardens, carousel ponies going round and round, and pastel ponies in a candy rain. If you'd like to know "who's the fairest of them all?" just look in the mirror, my dear girl, with our exclusive Disney inspired pendants of Snow White mirrors, Cinderella castles and carriages! Or if you're feeling a bit of a sweet tooth coming on then try our candied parfait necklaces!

"Bunny Garden OP" Sweet Lolita dress was sold to a darling girl in Britain!

Magical Carousel Pony OP Sweet Lolita Dress in Pink/Black: 

Chiffon Rose Skirt & Pony Carousel Skirt:

Princess Mirror Necklaces & Sweet Sweet Parfaits: 

Sweet Lolita Tote Purses:

*Mary Nine from tank9 will be featuring this tote purse at Anime Expo 2012 in her video documentary! <3


Senior Fashion Show Collection

My Dearest Lords and Ladies,

I do apologize for my extremely long absence. It was my last year finishing up my fashion degree at CCAD where our thesis was to create a collection of garments for an end of the year runway show. I'm afraid I was living in the lab for most of the year as I wanted six garments in the show, and they had to be approved by a jury by the first week of March. So, you forgive me, don't you?

I thought I would spoil your appetites with the sugary sweetness of my senior collection, where six garments were made---inspired by Jean Honore Fragonard's paintings, the Rococo spirit, and of course my love for Lolita. In the collection, I featured two little girls, who are sweet as can be and made working with them such a treat. It was my hope to feature them for Pop Princess' Big Sister, Little Sister line!

Alright, enough chatter! : 3 On with the photos, eh? You can see more photos as they are on sale at my Etsy: Pop Princess

*All designs belong to Pop Princess, photography to Xandre King
*Photographer: Xandre King 

*Model: Chavilah Bennett
*Model: Danielle Williams
*Model: Laurita Lo
*Model: Emily Gallik
*Models: Keegan & Giada, ActiveImage Models

Well that's all for today! <3 I do hope enjoyed them! <3 

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