Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashion Week Columbus Photos: Pop Princess Debut

Now that Pop Princess is an official debutante of the world, all dressed in frills and ribbons from head to toe... I thought it was time to share some of the photos with you! I know you've been waiting to see how the rest of the dresses turned out, and you have been oh so patient with me!

Please enjoy and take a peek into the Etsy store as they will all be for sale very soon. : 3

I would like to very much thank my darling, lovely models for being so fun to work with and my sweetie pie friend, Xandre, for his good eye and wonderful photos!

*Photography: Xandre King ...
Models: Cheyenne I. , Hayley S., Kaleah H., Emily A.

*All designs belong to and are copyrighted by Pop Princess/Annika Simmons.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fashion Week Columbus: Success for Pop Princess!

Dear Lovely Readers,

I am sure you are wondering where on earth I have disappeared on this long hiatus and I apologize for neglecting you with posts and other updates to keep you apprised on all things cute! While the absence was long, I promise it was well spent!

Many long hours and sleepless nights were devoted to finishing up my four garments and accessories that debuted this last Friday, October 14th, at FWC (Fashion Week Columbus) with my partner in crime and good friend, Joella. With our nimble fingers and a good deal of coffee, we ruffled and sewed and beaded our little hearts out until the night of the show! We had a few hiccups here and there (like the kitten running off with a button I needed and returning it... today, which meant an extra trip to the fabric store) but in the end we endured and turned out a beautiful show.

We arrived at the place of the show at 2:00 pm, and was there until 8:00 pm when the show finally took place. It was a mess back stage with everyone steaming and ironing and some still sewing on their pieces, eating candy and chips, and mostly being bored as there was really not much to do until hair and make up went in to play.

Look forward to a few photos to be posted up here, and then for the dresses and garments to be sale on the Etsy shop! : )

If you couldn't attend, here's a sneak peek at the garments that went down the runway!
Congratulations and time to sleep!!!
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