Monday, March 25, 2013

Starry Gardens: Update!

Good morning, my lovely readers!

I know how anxious and excited you have all been for an update on the fabric design of Starry Gardens, designed by Pop Princess' very own, talented and amazing Flor! We have been working hard to make sure everything was just right before we send out for swatches to test the different colorways/design.

Well... let's be honest here, Flor is the one that has been working so hard and being super amazing! She has made a few minor changes to the border print itself, tweaked some colors, and given you girls an lovely variety in colorway choices! Round of applause for this girl because she has been an absolute dream to work with, and deserves so so so so much praise! I have just been on the sidelines going something like: "Add colorway? Quick change here, and here?" and "You are the most amazing person in the whole world, go, Flor, go! I love youuuu!" : >

© Pop Princess//Annika Simmons & Flor Lopez 2013
 I also have some other exciting news! Besides Pop Princess appearing at Tekkosocon and Frill fashion shows in these up coming months, the brand will be doing a huge photo shoot for the runway pieces and will be sending them over to a Berlin based magazine, alt // cramer, to be considered as a featured designer in their up and coming magazine focused on featuring brand and up and coming talents of Gothic, Lolita, and Punk fashion! Cross the fingers we get chosen, the deadline is in June!

On to the gorgeous print and its colorways! <3 We decided to do the criss cross star design and a simple starry design for two options!

© Pop Princess//Annika Simmons & Flor Lopez 2013
© Pop Princess//Annika Simmons & Flor Lopez 2013
Though I have been quite a busy bee trying to get on track sewing/designing the runway designs, I thought I would share some rough pen sketches of the pieces I would like to design with Starry Garden for the runway! Color versions in the future! (I haven't had time to sketch the skirt yet! : O)
I am thinking light, ethereal, airy---breezy chiffon, silks, organza. 

© Pop Princess//Annika Simmons 2013
© Pop Princess//Annika Simmons 2013
© Pop Princess//Annika Simmons & Flor Lopez 2013
 I am thinking of releasing the Starry Gardens print at the end of May/June, and will be able to do a pre-order for all interested lovelies! And yes, I promise to have plus size designs available as well as custom commissions! Just need to get to this fashion show first! : o Now would be a fabulous time to pull a Cinderella or Snow White and have magical, enchanted fuzzy animals to help me sew!

What do you think, lovelies? <3 Are you super excited? Isn't Flor the best? Are you looking forward to seeing the actual swatch fabric samples?

Gotta go disappear back into the sewing room, but hope you're impressed! ; ) I am!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Pop Princess Illustrator Winner is...

I would like to start out this post by thanking all the candidates, applicants, and supporters of this illustrator contest! Your avid support of this undertaking has meant so much to me, and to the illustrators for cheering them on and supporting their work. I am so excited we get to share the experience together!

[ I would then like to apologize for not announcing the winner on time, or in a speedy fashion. Because apparently, the answer is, yes: you can in fact have the flu virus and a bacterial infection of strep at the SAME time. I was down with a fever of 103, and have been recovering for a couple weeks now. So sorry, guys! *c* ]

The winner is... Starry Gardens by Flor! <3

Meet the Illustrator! ♥

This is Flor, isn't she cute? ^o^

-Hello, darling! World, meet Flor. Flor, meet the World! Say hello. 

Hi world! 9u9

-Would you tell the readers a little bit more about yourself?

Um, I’m not really sure what to say. I’m really happy for this and I hope it to be an amazing experience! I also really love my kitty Toulouse, even if right now he is in his rebellious phase.

-Are you excited to be announced the winner of the Pop Princess contest?

Of course! Who wouldn’t? Although I got a little shocked when I received the news.
Also I’m really glad that the other designs will get a chance to be printed, they are so pretty, and of course Annika wouldn’t have let them go away. 

[Edit from Annika: So if your favorite print/illustrator didn't get selected, no worries! <3 We will hopefully have these cute designs printed later this season! ^-^]

-Were you surprised by how many wonderful votes you got? Was it exciting to watch the polls come in?

Yes, pretty much. I wasn’t so confident about my design, since even in the prompt sketches the other designs were so beautiful, and mine was kind of messy. I’m really grateful for everyone that voted for me, really many thanks <3 I will keep trying my best!

-You are obviously a stupendously talented and fantastic artist! Can you tell us how you first got into illustration/art?

I liked drawing since I was little, typical story really. Since I lived very very far away from down town I didn’t really had friends to go out and play and stuff. So I enjoyed my afternoons drawing and creating stories! Then all this got serious in high school, and now I’m in my final semester of college in animation.

-What was your inspiration behind the Starry Gardens print? Did you know where you were going with it right away? Or did you have a bunch of sketches at first?

Well, I really got inspired by some of your words in the description you gave us. That Hopscotch is wishing upon stars in heaven. I thought it would be so whimsical and a nice and unique touch for a bunny print, since there are so many, I wanted to do something new.

-You put SO much gorgeous detail into your illustrations! How long do illustrations usually take you?

It depends in what style I am working, it can go from 2 hours to 7 and more. For this print it took me like 8, mainly because is not only an illustration but is a pattern and it takes some time to make it seamless.

-Are you excited to see your design go to print, and be turned into cute garments?

Yeesss! It will be amazing, I can’t wait to see what Annika has prepared for this <3

 -Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers? 

First of all, again, many thanks for those who voted for me. It was really a surprise for me that it would be so accepted! And finally that I hope this isn’t the first and last time you hear about me, I really want to continue working in illustrations and things inspired by and for Lolita.

xo What a fantastic interview! Look for more info on the upcoming Starry Garden design as we send it for test prints and swatches! 
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