Friday, June 29, 2012

Pop Princess: A Stellar Review on EGL Comm Sales!/A Princess of the Royal Court

^-^ Hooray! <3 This is a little announcement to share with you all the very first review evvvver of Pop Princess, which is brought to you by the lovely lolita, Ruizuchii, on the EGL Comm Sales! Remember the darling sax blue bunny garden one piece? Well, she is the one who bought it! And come on, tell me... doesn't she look super super super cute? <3

Also, welcome her as our first princess of the royal court! <3

You can follow the sweet, darling girl on her LJ blog or keep updated with her cute outfits on her Flickr! (Flickr, Ruizuchii's Blog) She was just a peach to work with, and I'm very happy that one of my favorite prints went to such a cutie pie! <3

On to the super positive review she wrote, with more photos: CLICK HERE!

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