Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pop Princess: A Cute Collection of New Prints/Sneak Peek!

I wanted to drop a quick line so you can get a glimpse at the new prints that will be featured in the upcoming OPs/JSKs for darling sweet lolita darlings! Dancing across the prints of dresses are pink strawberries with aristo-cats, fancy prancing poodles, and roses and macaroons accompanied by rather fluffy, cotton tailed hosts! ^-^ (Keep in mind these are works in progress!)

 *All designs belong to and are copyrighted by Pop Princess/Annika Simmons

 My boyfriend insisted that we take some photos of me actually working on the pieces, but I am a bit shy about this sort of thing so I hope you don't mind! : o

 (While I was on vacation, I use the Singer, but oh how I missed my beloved Janome! <3)

These will soon be on sale, most likely featured on the EGL Comm Sale forums so keep out a watchful eye! ^-^

Keep your eye out for these different colorways/prints to soon follow! <3

Enjoy! <3 xoxo

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