Thursday, July 12, 2012

I want to be a fluffy cupcake princess! ^-^ And other news.

I think some of my dreams are starting to come true, and it fills my heart with pastel candied hearts and stars to think about. ^-^ <3 I just want to twirl and twirl around happily with little flowers dancing around my head just like Honey-chan from Ouran! ^-^

First an announcement: Pop Princess has gotten the green sparkly light to all systems go! It will be a featured indie brand at this year's Otakon 2012 Lolita Fashion Show! Huurah! I have 5 looks in the works which I think will be sweet enough to give you a tooth ache! But our most exciting thing is that Miss Mary (aka: Mary Nine from tank9) has agreed to be one of our super cute lovely models! ^-^ I am very much looking forward to meeting her in person, and hopefully dancing around in all our frills with happiness. She is a real peach, and I can't wait! So keep your eyes open for us on the runway!

As I was choosing some music for the runway show, I came across one of my favorite vocaloid songs... sometimes all I want is to be fluffy cupcake for heaven sakes! ; _ ; <3

We've all been there right? ; ) I hope you all enjoy, and come say hi at the con okayyyy! xo

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