Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Lolita Dream List

To keep myself in good spirits, I have decided to post an entry just for myself. Lately, I have been feeling a little down about not being able to fill my closet with beautiful, frilly things that makes my heart content in a way I can't explain in words. Lolita fills me in a way that only sitting behind a pair of scissors and beautiful fabric while listening to the sewing machine hum and clatter has ever made me feel. Flipping through the pages of a Gothic Lolita Bible, and running my hands over the pastel filled pages of sweetness and frills makes my heart feel overwhelmed with excitement, with intrigue, with a kind of longing. To wear it is like closing one's eyes against the grey skyline of glass buildings and concrete and waking to find a world repainted; wildflowers, everything sparkles. You take in a breath and you simply feel happy, content, at peace. It feels different, magical. For me, that is Lolita's true nature.

*Dream Dresses:*
Soiree: Ivory x Green

AP Glass Doll JSK <3
Angelic Pretty: Twinkle Carnival JSK (FOUND!!!!)

Le Robe Vert Clair

Angelic Pretty Sweetie Chandelier OP
Jane Marple Royal Order JSK
Fall in Love with Sweet Magic Scent of Perfume: Wish Ivory JSK
Haenuli: Dreaming Cinderella (Found!)

*Dream Skirts/Salopettes:*

AP: Toy Fantasy Salopette (FOUND!!!! ^o^)

AP: Glass Tear Bottle Skirt; Pink/or Blue

AP Jewelry Jelly Skirt: Mint
AP Chandelier Skirt
AP Aqua Princess Skirt in Sax

*Dream Blouse/Top:*
AP: Georgette Switching Classical Standing Collar Blouse

AP: Prince Like Blouse

*Dream Outerwear:*
BTSSB: Polka Dot Margaret Coat

 *Dream Accessories:*
BTSSB: Alice's Mirage in Paradox Ring
Imai Kira Walk on Moon Tights <3 ; o ; (Found!)
JetJ Azrael Cat Tights!

Emily Temple Cute: Spoon Tights

AP: Ivory/White Logo Heart Charm Wrist Cuffs

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 *Dream Bags:*

Jane Marple: Crown Heart Bag
 *Dream Shoes:*

Princess Pumps


*None of these images belong to me, thanks!


  1. I have the BTSSB margaret coat in pink if you're interested.

    1. I really adore the blue one, but thank you! ^-^


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