Saturday, June 9, 2012

Senior Fashion Show Collection

My Dearest Lords and Ladies,

I do apologize for my extremely long absence. It was my last year finishing up my fashion degree at CCAD where our thesis was to create a collection of garments for an end of the year runway show. I'm afraid I was living in the lab for most of the year as I wanted six garments in the show, and they had to be approved by a jury by the first week of March. So, you forgive me, don't you?

I thought I would spoil your appetites with the sugary sweetness of my senior collection, where six garments were made---inspired by Jean Honore Fragonard's paintings, the Rococo spirit, and of course my love for Lolita. In the collection, I featured two little girls, who are sweet as can be and made working with them such a treat. It was my hope to feature them for Pop Princess' Big Sister, Little Sister line!

Alright, enough chatter! : 3 On with the photos, eh? You can see more photos as they are on sale at my Etsy: Pop Princess

*All designs belong to Pop Princess, photography to Xandre King
*Photographer: Xandre King 

*Model: Chavilah Bennett
*Model: Danielle Williams
*Model: Laurita Lo
*Model: Emily Gallik
*Models: Keegan & Giada, ActiveImage Models

Well that's all for today! <3 I do hope enjoyed them! <3 

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