Friday, October 26, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: My Style... Beyond the Frills of Lolita!

Week 5: Your Style... Outside of Lolita

How I look all the time, obviously! ...Just kidding! I wish!
STOP THE PRESSES! This breaking news just in...... Lolita aren't always dressed to the nines in their ribbons and frills every single day!? What! Sac le bleu! How can this be? Perhaps you ought to sit, dear reader, your cheeks are flushed with this sudden shock. If only I could offer you an appropriate swooning chaise, that way you could faint in the most elegant way possible.

^-^ Nah! I'm just teasing ya! Try as we might, I know very few Lolita who actually walk out the door on a daily basis dressed in their cutest curls, pastel accessories, and frilly outfits. Sometimes it just isn't practical, or there isn't enough time. I mean, it takes a lot of time and effort to transform our "normal" caterpillar selves into pretty pretty butterflies! (Unless of course you are Princess Peachie, whom we all know to be magical! Just look at how effortless her transformation is. She weaves her magic spells, twirls and twirls around so cutely, and suddenly she is donned in her best Loli gear! Seriously, I think that girl could look cute in a paper sack!)

Cute dolly transformation takes time, and I can't imagine trying to wear it every day! There were times where I was waking up at 6 am to drag myself from a warm bed to head to oil painting class, and I was lucky enough to sleep walk through a shower and eat, forget about looking nice, ha ha. It's not that my appearance was every slovenly by any means, but it was more about being comfy than looking cute for me.

When it comes right down to it, I am just... lazy. Ha ha. For me dressing up all frilly, fancy, or cute is more of a spur of the moment or occasion kind of thing. I just don't do it every day because I would rather pull out a pair of jeans and some kind of top, and get on with my day. (Don't tell, but I even have just all out PJ days where I shuffle around in my whale slippers and do my designs, ha ha.)

So the burning question on everyone's mind... What does Annika look like sans-frills and cuteness?
Let's find out!

☆Every Day Style:

I am, and probably always will be, a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. I find them to be comfy, cute, and practical for daily outfits. They don't require any real thought on my part, since most of the time I'm bent over a sewing machine with only my kitty to see me anyway.

So on a pretty regular basis you can see me in a pair of skinny jeans, a t-shirt/tank/sweater, and my Harajuku Lover high top sneakers. (No, I don't care they almost never match what I'm wearing! They have CIRCUS animals on them, guys, really cute ones! And "Num Num Nutritional Facts" which tell me that I am 4 grams of Smiles and 100 milligrams of Scrumptioness!)
It's funny, and I've only begin to notice it recently... but most of my "normal" clothing is a lot more monochromatic with darker hues and tones than the pastel cuteness I'm normally drawn to in my sweet lolita attire. I feel like my style really changed and evolved when I went to college, and got a chance to surround myself with new people and new things. Believe it or not, I actually used to have pretty long hair and wore some ridiculous 60s flare style jeans back in the day, with a twist of punk/gothic thrown in there. (No you will not be seeing those photos, hahaha.)
I remember going into a Forever21 with my buddy, Kellen, and trying on my first pair of skinny jeans (the ones in the photo actually) and feeling soooo self conscious in them since I was used to my flare jeans. And I walked out, dead serious, and said, "Kellen, be honest. Do these make me look too small?" He laughed... for like, ever. Yup. That happened.
Here's another shocker for you.... I don't wear make up, um, well ever really. *o* I used to wear it a lot back when I first started college, because I've always been really shy about my complexion and have always had a bit of trouble with acne. About a year into my relationship with my ex, he told me he thought that I actually looked prettier without it. So I stopped using it, unless for a special occasion or if I just wanted to look cute. I know a lot of girls feel like they have to "put on their face" before they walk out the door, but I'm not one of them. Yeah of course, I'm still insecure about my blemishes but I feel like a fresh face is like a blank canvas, it's who you really are, so why not show that on an every day kind of basis? (Plus, I'm still lazy. : p )

Sometimes you'll see me switch into my contacts, but not very often. My glasses are more of a necessity than a fashion statement. I'm fairly certain that I should be declared legally blind without them, ha ha. There are times when I throw on a dress, or a cute skirt with accessories, but that's only if I am feeling really bubbly and want to twirl around being all cute. Otherwise, this is my daily style!

☆Fancy Occasion Style: 

When I go out to a nice restaurant, or on a date or something, I want to feel beautiful and I think my wardrobe for fancier occasions reflect that. Unlike my sweet lolita, which is a frilly opulence with over the top pastel color cuteness, my fancy style consists of tailored cuts, minimal colors designs, and more sleek style. Most of my dresses for these sorts of things are dark tones, mostly black, but I do have a gorgeous vintage lace dress I wear.
Photography by the cutest, sweetest, Xandre King
 I pair my dresses with only a hint of accessories; usually a string of pearls, pearl earrings, or a very delicate chain with a pendant. In the words of Coco Chanel, "A woman can be over dressed but never over elegant." Depending on the occasion/weather, I will either be wearing suede strappy pumps, knee high leather heeled boots, or a low elegant heel. When I go out, I want to feel beautiful and elegant, with the hint of demure smiles and a touch of make up. As you know, I often have trouble looking my age so when there's a special occasion, or outing to a nice restaurant, I want to be able to have a glass of wine without that awkward conversation of, "Are you really x years old?" 
Miss Emily & I. Yup, me with make up, weird I know. 
This dress is a genuine Giorgio Armani that I found at a thrift store for $18! *o*

☆Other Street Fashion Sub- Style(s):

Back in the day, the first real street fashion that I was heavily influenced by was definitely Decora! I mean, I was head over heels for the photography book, FRUiTS by Shoichi Aoki, and scoured the internet for inspiration of those girls dressed head to toe in their rainbow outfits and ridiculously cute accessories. (I had to be the most colorful person at our high school, and I was AWESOME. Ha ha, just kidding, but seriously so much rainbow.)

If you're wondering what that says: "Love Child of Rainbow Brite & Strawberry Shortcake." I once met a guy who was convinced that this was fact, and not fiction, and that these were my true parents. What an odd, memorable dude.
I still have sooo many rainbow accessories, hair clips, bows, and what not that you would not believe. It fills an entire plastic drawer, that's how much I have. I guess my style was a cross between Decora and raver kid with as many colors and accessories as humanly possible, ha ha. I even did the rainbow eyeshadow! And I have an awesome plastic silver/rainbow sparkly tiara to go with it. I love that thing.

Now, I'm uncertain as to weather or not I should include this... since the sub-style is so closely related to Lolita. But about a year ago, I fell in love with the casual lolita style of otome. I became absolutely enamored with Emily Temple Cute (and it's sub brands, especially it's children collections! Can you say WAY too cute?!)
Emily Temple Cute Umbrellas NOP
Otome is a style that let's me still feel cute in a toned down frilly way, while still allowing me to incorporate my mainstream, every day pieces/accessories. It's a chance to get that fuzzy, warm Rococo feeling without all the accessories and massive petticoats!
Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing me in my normal, frill-less habitat, ha ha! It's very strange doing a post that's about me..... o.o just sayin'.

See other style from cute bloggers, under the Lolita Blog Carnival umbrella-ella-ella-a! ♥


  1. You're short hair is so cute! I love it. <3

  2. Your hair is so cute and your eyebrows are awesome! That probably sounds weird, I know but they are very full and a lovely shape. You look lovely all the time! <3

    1. o^.^o Thank you very, very much! I am very shy about my appearance, so it makes me happy to hear you think so.

  3. I must join the other girls and state the obvious: your haircut suits you perfectly. I have fallen in love with that fancy salmon pink(?) outfit shot, it looks amazing, like a fashion magazine spread.

    I cannot wear jeans and a tshirt anymore but i suspect that if i had those legs i'd be wearing them all the time too.
    haha sorry if that was somewhat creepy.
    love, JO

    1. Jo <3 ^-^ My friend, Xandre, is a wonderful fashion photographer. We went to school together. He is just so clever with lighting and set up, and everything. He really has an eye for it! If you ever need a photographer, I highly reccomend him! The pink dress is a lovely frock I found at a vintage store circa 1930s??

      You are not creepy at all, you make me blush! Thank you for the compliments! <3

  4. XD I love your sense of humour:-)
    I agree about the sort of pressure girls feel to put on their faces - it's a really funny extreme, considering not that long ago girls were pressured not to wear any makeup. I'm walking around bare-faced most of the time too, unlike most of the girls my age here - so it's pleasant to know there are other girls out there who do not think makeup is a must.
    By the way, I love your fancy occasion and otome outfits - they are very elegant and feminine, and the economic use of accessories only adds beauty to them.
    As for your sweet comment on my blog, thank you very much:-) I think by the way you'd look great in a saree - you appear tall and are very slim and delicate-looking. Actually, you make me think of Audrey Hepburn, though with the added sensuality of Jane March. (Oops, I do I hope I don't sound creepyXD)

    1. Rosa, ^-^ I am glad to make you laugh! I always am in a silly, excited mood when I write these posts for whatever the reason. I agree with you! I feel more girls should go bare as is! I think too many of them don't realize how pretty they look even without their foundation/eye make up, sometimes I even think it makes their eyes stand out even more!

      <3 I own a couple saris actually, from a friend, but have never learned how to properly put them on/wear them so I've never tried! They are so beautiful though, I would hate to mess them up. Perhaps one day you could blog a tutorial on how to wear/put one on! I would love that!

      Ha ha ha, it's an illusion! An illusion I say! I am actually quite petite, only 5' 2"! But I thank you for your compliments, they make me smile very much! <3

    2. Hi:-)))
      I'm very happy you are, the way that: 'If only I could offer you an appropriate swooning chaise, that way you could faint in the most elegant way possible' cracked me up was pricelessXD
      You are very welcome about the compliments, I mean them. But a fellow saree-lover AND owner? Allow me one squeal of excitement!XDD

      The tutorial is an excellent idea, actually (though I'd feel very self-conscious, not being from India) - if you'd think it would help you, I could put something together:-)
      First of all, don't worry about messing your saree up - if you don't charge at it like a maddened maenad with scissors or knife, you won't. As for putting it on properly, that's actually pretty easy - putting it on beautifully is the difficult part. I've mastered the first part - the second is where my sister comes in. Usually, at least in my experience, when you want to wrap it around you and drape the 'train' part (is that how you call it in English, the pallu end hanging down from shoulder?) really beautifully, you need help of another person. Just a heads up.

      So if you want, I'll put the tutorial together and in return, you'll show me photos of you decked out in your sarees, ok?:-)))

      As for the makeup, my sentiments exactly! The problem might be as well that we as girls are conditioned to think we ARE NOT pretty unless we wear makeup and boys are conditioned to think us ugly unless we wear makeup. I've even met a grown man (in his forties) who was searching in vain for a girlfriend and on whose list of appearance requirements to just consider going out once with a girl was perfectly whitened Hollywood teeth!

      It was very difficult to keep that: 'Guess why you still haven't found a girlfriend, Einstein' from spilling out of my mouthXD

    3. Hahaha, that made me laugh. People wonder why it is so hard to find a partner when their standards are all out of order! My goodness! I also like to shake my head at those people, so I know how you feel ha ha. :p

      You and I will have to single handedly show those girls how pretty they really are! ^-^

      I would ADORE you making a sari tutorial!! <3 And I whole heartedly promise to show you photos of me wearing them! ;) I'll even do you one better and include a photo of me in one when I traveled to Thailand in the 4th grade! (You'll see me with long hair, my goodness! lol So shocking!) I am very much looking forward to it! And I bet your sister would get a kick out of it! <3

      You are such a cute girl, I am always happy to hear from you ^-^


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