Friday, October 12, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Three Prints You Want to See!

When I first saw our new topic for the week, I was sewing and thinking, "Eeee...errr, ummm, oh I'm not sure!!," *o* and wiggling my little feet in frustration like that would somehow help inspire some sort of genius or perhaps call upon some assistance from a  muse watching from the heavens, thoroughly amused with my struggle. Honestly, this shouldn't be such a difficult topic right?

(Oh hush, I hear you giggling at me! o^-^o) What prints would I want to see from my favorite brands? More cutesy animals? Something more scenic, or still life-y? I just didn't know!!

Then, as I was sitting at the sewing machine, working on a new Alice in Wonderland jumperskirt... It was like :palm in face!: all of the sudden. Uh, excuse me Annika, but aren't you an indie brand?! Duuuh. (For some reason, I keep forgetting I'm a brand. So whenever someone says, "I love your brand!" I get all starry eyed like, "I'm a brand? Reallyyyy." :blush:) Why would I be thinking about other brand prints, when I obviously have ideas of prints for Pop Princess!

Forgive me, my love of all animal prints! <3

This week's prompt: 3 Prints You Want to See! (aka. Prints Pop Princess wants to make!)

Princess Cookie Cat
Princess Hopscotch Bunny

1. My Daughters

I decided that Pop Princess's first set of collection prints will most definitely have to pay tribute to both of my fuzzy little daughters, Cookie and Hopscotch. Hopscotch passed away a year ago suddenly, and I miss her little wiggly tail and floppy ears, and I want to do something to remember her by. Plus, this little bun bun wasn't taking any sass from Cookie Kitty, and so she'd boss her around and they would always play so cute together. To this day, I still think Cookie thinks she's a rabbit.

I have been sketching on and off this summer of ideas for prints of Cookie and Hoppy together, and the one I fancy the most is the sketch below. I got the original idea from my kitty, Cookie, who loves to play with me when I take bubble baths and sometimes is foolish enough to hop in. (Always so mad afterwards... she'll never learn!)

Don't laugh too much, it was just a quick sketch, and animals aren't my forte!
 I believe this border print would look beautiful in pastel color backgrounds of baby pink, blue, mint, and light yellow. Floating down the dress, little shiny bubbles (round, hearts, stars) would shimmer with their filmy, rainbow essence against the background. At the bottom, soap bubbles would be filling and flowing across the hem with one little fuzzy rabbit and kitty sticking their heads out among the suds, all too pleased of course. 

Other ideas for Hoppy and Cookie include: 
-Hoppy/Cookie getting into mischief with a ball of yarn, one playing, one chewing on it
-Hoppy/Cookie/Me: cameo/silhouette border print

 2. Carnival Rabbits 

I will say it now, and I will always continue to say it: rabbit prints!! I can't help it. I am such a sucker for things with bunnies on them... I just can't help myself. ; o ;  With their fuzzy little, twitch noses and their wiggly tails, eeee they are *too* cute! I desperately want a border print of a carnival scene of little buns dressed up, hopping around among tents and balloons, and a rabbit riding a penny farthing. Think of how cute they'd be in their little costumes! I'd love if I could get glitter detail into the print, so parts of it were shiny too.

 3. Fancy Lady & Gent Cats

Last but not least, I was inspired by these kinds of vintage post card illustrations of fancy cats! I would love to do an illustration of Victorian kitties all dressed up in their Sunday best; bonnets, dresses, bow ties, and top hats. Perhaps it could be themed, different kittens from different time periods!  I think a simple kind of block coloring would make the characters stand out from the background, as I think this print would lovely on jewel tones like wine reds or burgundies, something as regal as the cats themselves.

xo Annika

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  1. The idea of Carnival Rabbits riding around on penny-farthings is making me laugh more than I should be in the school library :D

    Awesome ideas and your sketches are adorable~

    1. Uh oh, I have got you in trouble with cuteness! Shh, shh, we'll giggle like school girls together in the corner. ^-^ <3 Thank you! I hope we make it come true and can giggle together further at the silliness!

  2. Your sketch is absolutely adorable! I would love to see something actually made with a print like that! I also really love the idea of fancy lady and gentleman cats, that would just be so perfect for Lolita.

    1. ^-^ Thank you, Caro! I adored your idea about Oz, prints! I would sooo buy that!! One of my favorite movies!

      I'm not terribly good at animals but I just wanted to get it out of my head. I really hope to hook up with an illustrator this year so we can start collaborating on prints! <3

  3. Aww that sketch is too cute!
    Hahaha, rabbits riding on penny-farthings that an amazing idea, you just made my day. :D
    Vintage cats are also very cute, there should be more vintage cat prints!

  4. Anne <3 Haha, I'm glad! I just thought it was a terribly silly idea, and cute! ^-^ Who wouldn't want to see that happen in real life? I would just die of happiness!

  5. I think a rabbit print with real-looking rabbits would be pretty awesome! The only rabbit prints I know are from Angelic Pretty and the rabbits honestly look like they consumed too much drugs xDD

    1. Hahahahaha, that's very funny! XD I agree with you on both accounts!!


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