Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pop Princess: Fall/Winter Prints

I thought I would write something short and sweet to introduce a couple of the fabrics that will be featured in this year's line up for Pop Princess Fall/Winter collection. This season we will be focusing on more subdued tones to match the changing colors of the seasons accented by hints of glitter shimmer, rich velvets, and overall elegance with sheers and silky solids.

Since I'll be finishing and phasing out the last installment of our darling sweet prints like: Cherry Berry Kitty, Bunny Tea Party, and Magical Carousel Ponies.... I thought I would give us a new theme to look forward to: Alice in Wonderland. ♡

Illustration by Arthur Rackham
Alice in Wonderland... A favorite story among both an audience of children as well as adults. For children, it's a story of following a young blonde, wide eyed girl through a dream like state of Wonderland, filled with mystical and fantastical creatures of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. It is an adventure of great heights to be shared with grinning cats and dozing mice. For adults, it is a series of unlimited interpretation as well as fanciful linguistic creations, a tale filled with themes about the loss of innocence and entry into adulthood, as well as the inability to maintain a logical frame of mind when nonsensical things like Mad Hatter's riddles, like life's expectations, sometimes make absolutely no sense.  Either way, I think all of us can appreciate the fantastic, beautiful tale that makes up Alice's adventures in Wonderland for one thing or another.

"You're all just a pack of cards!" -Arthur Rackham
Some of the most recent prints of Alice in Wonderland, I must admit that it was not love at first sight. Actually, I kind of wrinkled my nose at most of them because while I thought they were cute, I didn't think they were suitable for lolita wear and so I passed them up. (Also, the little spiderwebs were kind of creepy to me, as I will admit, I have a teensy phobia of spiders...)

But then, months later I came across them again and spiderwebs aside... I started to grow more and more fond of them. I began to appreciate the simplicity of the silhouette shapes, tri color design, and the intricate uses of glitter embedded in the print to accent things like tiny bits of lace, head bows, the ruffled collar on the White Rabbit, etc. And as strange as the concept, I rather enjoyed the whimsical nature of the theme of an acrobatic, carnival loving, circus going Alice in Wonderland.

I could see the beautiful warm beige and brown tones made up into a wonderful one piece dress accented by chocolate colored ribbons and waist bows, and light dusty caramel colored silk, with gold scalloped lace accents at the neckline and princess seams, also accompanied by a gold shimmering top stitch thread.

 The fanciful nature of this print features white ponies mounted by the Mad Hatter tipping his cups to catch drops of tea from the White Rabbit floating off, carried by balloons. Little girls with poofy skirts and mary jane shoes skipping rope with little cats as stars, hearts, music notes, and playing cards all rain down from above. 

I can see the light creme x pink print over lain with a light, gauzy white chiffon for a more airy and theatrical look for a jumper skirt. It would be accented by gold thread, shimmering gathered tulle fabrics at the sleeves and a tiny braided trim at the neckline.

Our next print, is also Alice in Wonderland/circus themed and comes in a violet stripe x black colorway border print. It is called "Circus at Night." True to it's name there are ponies parading, elephants posing, and monkeys wheeling around on penny farthings under chandeliers. There are also dancing ballerinas and fanciful clowns eyes on the prize, juggling for the final count down. 

Lastly, I am hoping to introduce a few more floral prints this year that will appeal to both the sweet and classic lolita with designs for skirts, jumper skirts, and one pieces dresses.

♡ Well, what do you think, lovelies? Would you like to see more Alice in Wonderland themed prints? Florals, too? Tell me what kinds of fabrics you would like to see in Pop Princess!



  1. I am loving the Circus at night print, and the colors too! And jundgng by the things I've seen from you this far, I trust your ability to work these fabrics in amazing ways!

    1. ^-^ <3 Thank you! <3 I really appreciate the input as sometimes just because I adore certain fabrics, I know some people might not! I will certainly do my best. xoxo :3


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