Friday, August 31, 2012

Pop Princess: Fall/Winter Jewels

First off, I want to say thank you! ^-^ Today, we've officially surpassed the 1000 view mark on the Pop Princess blog, and I must say I am pleased as punch to see that! ☆ So thank you for reading and being so super awesome! ♡ It makes me happy to know someone other than one by the username of Miss Cookie, who I suspect is my kitty cat, is reading it. Ha! : p

I thought I would give a quick introduction to our new jewelry line up that's in the process of being started for our Fall/Winter collection. This year's theme is inspired of course by our collection theme of fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland, cute sweets, Victorian cutlery, and jiggly jiggle jelloooo.

Mmm, a spoon full of sugar, and something else to snack on!
There seems to be a lot of interest in Victorian spoons, and other cutlery among the lolita community lately so I wanted to add some accessories to go with it. These are actually inspired by all the different chocolate series/collections that Angelic Pretty offers! I had a lot of fun making the little chocolate pieces, trying my hand at some painting, and other ways just playing.

When I saw these little heart jello pieces in their cutie pastels and shining in the sunlight, I couldn't help but buy them! They are too cute for words, and so shiny! *o* They look exactly like real jello does, except it's not a viscous elastic polymer of course... just acrylic plastic. Almost the same, I swear! These were also inspired by AP's Jewelry Jelly print, which I have slowly grown fond of. 

Cookie Cat! How did you get on that cameo?!
And of course, we can't forget about our fairy tale theme! On the right is a beautiful, glass and gold gilded pendant that comes from the rose glass in Beauty and the Beast. On the right, a simple Victorian Queen cameo of my Cookie Cat, whom I would love to dress like that, but fear it shall never be!

They're so cuuuuute, I can't stop making them!! D :
And lastly of course, my beloved sweet ice cream, whip cream parfait necklaces! I can't help it... they are addictive! They are so fun to make, and so soothing. It's like crafting teeny tiny pastries, and I like looking at them all lined up on my shelf as if they were in a bakery shop display. (Am I telling you too much? I might just scare you off...) Plus! I finally discovered how to mix paint with my whip cream, so now I am introducing some fun new creamy colors in pink, blue, violet, and well others!

I hope you enjoy them! They'll be up for sale on Etsy some point next month! ^-^

What other kinds of cute jewelry would you like to see more of? <3


  1. I kinda like the rose-in-glass pendant, and I LOVE the spoons SO MUCH!

  2. ^-^ <3 Ah, thank you!! Me too--sadly, they are rare and sold out overseas, but hope they come back in stock so I can make more. They are sooo cute up close, shaped like little seashells on the bottom. I wish I had gotten the ones with chess pieces, and nautical themed top ones... but I wasn't sure where to put a chain through that ha ha.

    1. I would really like to see one of your spoon necklaces up close and own one for myself, but I'll see what I can do with my ~student budget~ haha...

    2. Well, it's not as awesome as in person, buuuuut : > Here's the link with more photos!


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