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Otakon 2012 & the Lolita Fashion Show...The Happy Entry 1b

Friday 27th: It's Show Time, Oh and We're On in Five Minutes!

It was 8:20. 8:20?!??!?! We were late! The show started in ten minutes, and the girls had just finished getting dressed. We didn't have enough time! : o And the panel room we needed to be in was on the complete opposite side of the convention center! And 2 girls had forgotten petticoats! They swooped into action, promising to ride off on their white steeds (i.e. RUN) all the way to the hotel room to get said petticoats and somehow make it back in time.

 (I would like to note here how awfully thankful I am. And to all my dear dear models, for helping me through it all and being such peaches about everything! You really helped me, and kept my spirits up! And to Tank and Rich, for their heroic rescue of the petticoats/filming/photo taking!)

We finally found the room, and hurried in. It took us a minute to find backstage, but as soon as we walked in, we heard: "We are literally going on in five minutes! And you're the first up!" I felt a little flustered, and overwhelmed, and omigoodnessomigoodness, whatwhatwhat!! Then the cutest fair skinned, blonde haired lolita greeted us. It was Kelsey from the lovely classic lolita indie brand, I Do Declare, and also the organizer of the lolita fashion show! Her smile kind of made me feel all better all at once. She was just so sweet and kind, even though I'm sure she must have been way overtaxed and stressed out of her brain, she was always checking on everyone to see how they were. I got the crash course in what was going to be happening in a very short time!

I Do Declare by Kelsey (Her model, Gretchen)
Darling Melissa, one of the girls backstage who was also organizing, was quite honestly a beautiful person. While my head was going, "OMIGOSH" and in a tiny panic mode, she popped right in with such a bubbly-ness and helped me get the girls ready: laced up, tied up, appropriately fluffed, and when I said, "Oh one of my models forgot their petticoat" what did she do? She actually wiggled right out of it and was like, "Why take mine!" I couldn't believe it. I was so overwhelmed with happiness right then. Not because I wasn't nervous anymore, but I had never been to a fashion show with such kindness and generosity from everyone; models, organizers, fellow designers and models. Everyone was so sweet.

 I was whisked away by Kelsey to the other side of the stage, who held my hand and looked at me and said, "Are you sure you're okay, Annika?" She was so concerned, and again just one of the sweetest people I've ever met. I took a deep breath, and got ready. I had practiced my speech a little, but was relieved to find out we were announcing behind the current and the MC, a cute lolita, explained the process. I looked up, and there was Tank rushing to my model, Mary's aid, petticoat in hand and I watched her hopping into it. Another girl peeked out from the other side of the curtain saying we needed to start! "2 minutes," I pleaded, a little worried. "I'm literally watching one of my models pulling on a petticoat as we speak." A got the thumbs up. Mary was dressed, and ready to go. And Tank and Rich had made it in the nick of time too!!

And suddenly. It started! You could tell the panel was filled to the max. So many people. The MC was introducing the show, and then me. I took a deep breath, and made my introduction! And it sounded great, and usually I speak horribly in front of crowds!!! Then off my cute models went to the songs of Kyary's "Ponponpon" and "Candy."

Mary N. and models! (You can see Tank in the left corner filming!)
Then I was on stage with them, a lot of applause, and so many cameras and video people! All of my models were so excited, even after we got off stage, even though I know almost all of them hadn't eaten and were starved! As the rest of the indie designers looks walked the runway, I got the chance to take photos and have photos taken, and talk to a few other models/designers back stage. (One of Kelsey's models was wearing a Dandy lolita look, Gretchen, and I got to talk with her and joke around a bit---there was not a person back stage who wasn't as sweet as could be!) At some point, I even lent another model my petticoat and hopped back in it right before our "finale" walk! I had so much fun at this show, it made up for all the other tribulations and ordeals!!

We even had enough time for Q & A with designers. : 3 One question, Kelsey even asked me to answer saying, "I think this question should be directed to Pop Princess, since she's a real indie brand" and in my head I was freaking out going, "Whatttttt I'm a REAL brand! A real brand?!?!"
If I was an anime character I would have had flowers and hearts dancing around my head!!!

That's me, & Jenn! I don't remember what question I was answering but it was a tough one! (Source:

 Thank you to everyone who had questions! And just everyone that made the fashion show happen!
In the future, I'll be posting the official Otakon Lolita Fashion Show video of the runway show as well as the Q and A! ^-^

In our next blog post: Otakon 2012, Saturday: My Day with Mary Mary Quite Contrary <3 and Tank
(Maybe even a video/documentary interview with me! ^-^)

Video of the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show 1
Video of Fashion Show 2
Video of Fashion Show 3



  1. I'm glad it all went so well in the end! You are an absolute doll Annika and I hope I can work with you again in the future!

    1. ^-^ Me too, Kelsey! I'd love for us to hang out again soon! <3


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