Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Super Secret Christmas Sale for Pop Princess! : 0

Oh my dear lovelies, I am so sorryyyy! I know I have kept you waiting in suspense about the coupon code that I promised you to be able to use, and hear I am just draggggging it out. (Really though, I have just been bombarded with work!!! No seriously, and then my tire blew out and my headlight blew out and AHHH! >.< Help!)

And here I am waving a shiny pink coupon at you in the distance skipping away through a field of wild flowers, candy colored frilly skirt blowing in the wind, with tiny hearts dancing around my head just out of reach......

Dear Annika,

Please stop prattling on, and give us the coupon!!! (*#&$(*&@&(*#!!! Seriously, hush. Your silly day dream descriptions
are silly. And we'll we really just want the coupon. Okay, well, I guess we sort of like you too.

Your Readers

Dear Readers, 

I am sorry, hushing now, coupon and info below. D : I love you! : O 
And hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas or special holiday! <3

Illustration belongs to, and is copyrighted by: Annika Simmons/Pop Princess

This coupon code, is especially for you, my loves! <3 After all, you are my readers and you deserve something special for the holiday! So shhh, keep it a secret amongst yourselves haha. :3 I'm not advertising it anywhere else, just here, just for you! <3

It only lasts until CHRISTMAS day so get to shoppin, pretty girls! ^-^ Just enter the code into the shopping cart on my Etsy shop and you are good to gooooooo. (No spaces, ALL caps!)



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