Friday, December 14, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Dreamiest Dream Dress!

Angelic Pretty: Twinkle Carnival JSK
 Now, I may be a little biased on this article of picking my "favorite dress" for the Lolita Blog Carnival since the gorgeous Twinkle Carnival arrived at my door just a couple weeks ago from Sweden! But my love for it is simply too much not to share, and is therefore the choice for my favorite dream dress! Especially considering I have pined after it for so many years, and finally, finally found.

So why is it my favorite dress otherwise? Besides, that it is stunning and even more beautiful in person. *o* I didn't realize until it got here in person that, TC is actually made from a lovely shantung material which gives the fabric a bit of texture and a low luster shine. While the shantung is a polyester blend, it is of a high quality, which gives it a lovely hand, drape, and appearance of silk dupioni shantung.
 I also appreciate the amount of tiny details that were put into this dress, it makes the garment what it is: extraordinary. I love the careful choice of chemical laces, and that Angelic Pretty went with a golden, soft netting instead of a cheaper one that would have been scratchy. I love the great care that went in to the top stitching, for example at the bias bound neckline.

Of course, being a seamstress, my favorite part of seeing any kind of clothing, brand or not is how a garment is constructed, from the inside out. I am fascinated with putting the pieces together, of figuring out the time of techniques, stitches, or variables necessary that make up a garment. : 3 But I won't bore you with that, suffice to say this dress is truly skillfully put together. I especially adore the built in petticoat!

Finally, the cherry on top of course, the print itself. The darling glitter ponies on TC are what bring the subtle sparkling of the tulle, and the shimmer of the lace edging together, and make this garment fit for royalty. I, for one, have always wanted to know how one makes a glitter print!

Finally, since I was unable to participate in the recent International Lolita Day, some candid shots (with sneaky cameos of Miss Cookie) of me in Twinkle Carnival! <3 Oh, I can't believe it is mine!

Want to see more dream dresses? <3 Check out the other LBC blogs beloooow! : 


  1. What a lovely dress!

    I am totally with you on wanting to see how a garment is constructed. That's like my greatest dream is to get my hands on a few of my favorite dresses just so I can see how they are made and incorporate that into my own sewing. ^_^

    1. I think it is really the best treat of the whole thing! :3 It's like solving a mystery or putting together a puzzle! <3 Hahaha, that's just what us seamstresses like to do, because we're silly.

  2. How beautiful! And thanks for the detail pictures, they are lovely! As a seamstress as well, I completely understand! In shops, I inconspicuously turn over the garments to see how they are constructed XD What petticoat are you wearing? It gives amzing volume! And is it the petticoat poking out from underneath the dress or the dress hem itself? It looks lush! Oh, and one way to make glitter prints is to use metallic powder (aluminium or bronze), mix it with metallic binder, and use that for screen printing or whatever technique you are using ;)

  3. Miss Milly, you are a peach!! If you ever do a tutorial on that kind of screen printing with the metallic powder, I would be the first reader for sure! :3 In one of my design classes we did screen printing for awhile, but never used anything besides chemical dyes.

    ^-^ I love that I am not the only one that does this, hahaha, it tickles me pink. It's good to know others appreciate the quality/make of clothing the same way. <3

    Ah! The petti, YES, it is very lush and fluffy! I had to keep tucking it back in ahahaha. The more you shake it, the bigger it gets!! The one I'm wearing has 50 yards of chiffon! :o It's the "Sams Manufacturing, 845" but I also have another that is a fluff monster in pink of, "Malco Modes, 582." They are both super soft, very fluffy, and with a tumble in the dryer and a shake, they puff right back up if you have to pack them.

    Here's the link to where I got both.

  4. I really like that you wear your short hair with lolita, feels so unique!
    I understand why you love it so much, the fabric is indeed luxurious and the sparkly print fits that elegance. And of course the theme is lovely, who doesn't love merry go rounds?<3

    1. Thank you for saying so! o^-^o I am always worried that my short hair is not "lady like" enough, but I have never been one for hair that is not short. Originally, I thought when this jsk came I ought to have gotten a wig, but I didn't because I thought I'd probably look silly in one! :O

      Hahaha, I think you are right. :> Merry go rounds are too cute!


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