Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fashion Week: Progress

I do apologize for the long time in between updates, but until now I really didn't have much to show! Which is a shame really because I ought to have something to share with you on a more frequent basis. I give you permission to fully chastise me on the matter, and tell me to write more often!

The weekend was a particularly long one as I spent most of it in the lab trying to delve back into the world of pattern and draping. After having a 3 month hiatus away from it, I realized quickly that it is very hard to simply jump back into it. It's like I needed someone to jump start my brain with sweet treats to get thinking again, so mostly I just blundered around until I found my bearings again and felt like such an idiot when I realized the mistakes I was making were so elementary. Hmmm...

I am pleased to be able to share with you some progress though finally!! Now I know it does not look like much right now, my dear followers, but I promise you it's only a test muslin mock up and needs a lot of refining until I put it into real fabric. This will be one of my dresses for Columbus Fashion Week.... Now just imagine a cute print, tiered ruffles all the way down the skirt, and a darling little blouse to go underneath it and the model will have a pink hat with a big bow.

I do hope to have further progress photos for you by the end of this weekend! And if you'd really like perhaps I'll even do a "Sewing with the Princess" entry showing you my start to finish process, but only if it interests you! ; )

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