Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome to the Candy Kingdom

I've always felt a bit strange when considering introducing myself to the world through a blog. Should I say hello and briefly introduce myself? Prattle on about the things I'm interested in, or what it is you can expect during your stay at Pop Princess. It all seems unlikely that any of you would really be interested in reading such things, and a bit rude considering I can't really invite you to sit for a cup of tea. Ah, none the less, I feel it would be more rude for us to be strangers without a proper introduction.

Firstly, welcome to my blog and thank you for taking time out of your day to visit! My name is Annika Simmons, and I am currently a senior attending Columbus College of Art and Design, a fashion major and part time princess. Like any princess, I enjoy snuggling with my two beloved daughters, Hopscotch Bunny and Cookie Kitty, both of plan to attend Le Sorbunne University and Purrinceton. One of my favorite activities is strolling around in a frilly dress with my Prince Richie, holding hands and sipping tea. When I'm not designing or frollicking, I love to sit somewhere in the sunshine and dream the day away about tea parties and acquiring super cute fabric.

I recently finished an internship over the summer with Anna Sui, and I must say it has inspired me to forge on into the unknown, to be true to my heart, and put myself out there in hopes to capture your hearts, my darlings, as an indie designer inspired by the modern day Rococo we call Lolita. I hope in this blog I will be able to take you on that adventure by sharing my thoughts, creations on Etsy, and mishaps along the way promising a heartfelt time and a lot of laughs.

Until then, I happily wait to hear from you and wish you a lovely, candy sprinkled day!

Yours truly,

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