Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pop Princess Illustrator Contest 2015: A Royal Affair! (NOW CLOSED)

Hello, and welcome back to the kingdom of all things sugary sweet! I know it has been quite a long time since we last took tea together, but Pop Princess has a very exciting announcement. Remember back in 2013, when we hosted our first illustrator contest and we went on to have some really amazing illustrators in the semi finalist round?

 Well! To celebrate Pop Princess' five year anniversary and our 2K followers (what! thank you so much, everyone!!)...... We will be hosting another contest to find an illustrator to join Flor and I in creating beautiful, elegant, or cute fabric prints for the brand! We have been chatting and think it might be nice to have a new addition (perhaps two even!) to the royal family.

Our illustrator and now good friend, Flor (Coffeshere) was the first illustrator to be selected as a semi finalist and won the contest by a landslide of votes back in 2013 with her beautiful print: Starry Garden. 

She has since regaled us with another beauty this last year, and brought about the absolutely stunning elegance that is, Bright Star.

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your illustrations become a reality? Have you ever wanted to see your artwork transformed into beautiful dresses? Do you have what it takes to rise through the ranks to join Pop Princess royalty and stand victorious as the new addition to the brand as Court Illustrator?

If so, we would love for you to apply to be a part of the Pop Princess Illustrator Contest 2015! Flor and I are greatly looking forward to seeing all the talented artists and illustrators out there who apply!

All styles are welcome to apply! We are looking for someone that can bring something unique to Pop Princess! 

~~~This contest will begin May 20th and the deadline for submission is June 15th!~~~

From there, we will pick 8 worthy semi-finalist contestants to submit to an illustration challenge, and finally 4 contestants will go on to the finals round and produce a fabric illustration to be voted on and judged by the world!

(Details of this challenge will be revealed once the 8 candidates have been selected. And the semi-finalists will be contacted and revealed after the deadline for entries.)

The winning artist will go on to be awarded with a paid freelance position and have their work created into fabric yardage used for Pop Princess designs!

(Please do not ask the potential amount the illustrator will be paid for his/her design if he/she wins. This will only be discussed with the winning illustrator.)

Criteria of Illustrator Submissions:
- Is willing to work with the designer, be flexible, and bring creations/ideas to life
- Has a good eye and skill for illustration (i.e. proportion, color concept, overall design)
- Is well versed in both Illustrator and Photoshop to create full color digital illustrations
- Bonus if familiar with producing fabric designs
- Must be fully committed, hard working, and able to meet/complete deadlines
- Highly motivated, attention to detail a must
*You can be from any country, not just the US to apply!
*Traditional media, and digital media are both accepted to qualify

~TO ENTER: Please copy and paste this filled out form below in the blog comments, or via the fan page as a comment or private message:

Submission Entry Form:
First Name:
A Portfolio Link:
(i.e. a website portfolio, Deviantart, etc---show us your best art work)
A Little About Yourself: (i.e. how long have you been an illustrator? etc)
What Makes You The Right Candidate to Join Pop Princess and Flor?: 

How/Where to Submit Your Entry:
Please submit your entry either here, below in the comments section, or on Pop Princess Facebook page contest post or private message!

Looking forward to all the entries and good luck to everyone! We're so excited!
Annika & Flor


  1. First Name: Molly Zindash
    Email: m.zindash@setonhill.edu
    A Portfolio Link: (i.e. a website portfolio, Deviantart, etc---show us your best art work) https://goodgollymissmollyzindash.carbonmade.com/
    A Little About Yourself: (i.e. how long have you been an illustrator? etc) I am a 21 year old artist who loves doing art of all kinds. I have been using illustrator for over 4 years now. I am really excited about doing this because for my final show at college I plan on creating a Lolita Brand myself, with a print already in the works.
    What Makes You The Right Candidate to Join Pop Princess and Flor?: I have met Annika twice at Tekko and she is super nice. I feel like her brand really fits my personality. I am a creative artist, who loves to do work, and enjoys the cuter things in life .I'm super easy to work with and I take direction well. I know my tools of the trade rather well and I am open to new ideas and designs.

  2. First Name: Shana
    Email: blackballade89@gmail.com
    A Portfolio Link: https://www.behance.net/ShanaMarie
    A Little About Yourself: I am 22 years old, and I've been drawing all of my life! I have recently graduated from my 4 year program at Columbus College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Illustration. I am inspired by fashion, music, nature, and "pretty things" be it cute foods like macarons or cakes, ribbons, fluffy textures, pastel themes...etc. I love cats (and other animals too of course), and like to look on the brighter side of things!
    What Makes You The Right Candidate to Join Pop Princess and Flor?: I've always had a passion for fantasy, fashion, and feminine designs~ I've often had the idea in my mind of wanting to do fashion illustrations. While I've never made my own dress print in detail, I have made some Lolita fashion drawings, and I have been into the Lolita community for 5+ years. I have an extensive photo collection of prints/dress details to aid inspiration. I have great experience with both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I love doing elegant designs and working with details, large and small, and try to make them as perfect as I can. This job would be a dream job, something I would really enjoy doing above all else! <3 I believe I meet all of the criteria for the position, and would be a great asset to your team!

    1. What a small world, Shana! I am also a CCAD graduate! : ) Thank you for your submission!!

    2. Oh, no thank you! It is a small world definitely, haha. I actually met you at Tekko in the artist alley! I am friends with Cat :)

    3. Oh you're right!! : ) I'm terrible with names/faces!

  3. First Name: Nicole
    Email: nblosser12@hotmail.com
    A Portfolio: http://www.coroflot.com/nicoleblosser/portfolio
    A Little About Yourself: I graduated from Virginia Marti College of Art & Design in 2014 with a degree in graphic design. Many of my classes showed me techniques and skills that work in both GD and illustration, making me flexible and adaptable on both programs (illustrator, photoshop, indesign) as well as off the computer (good old fashion pen and paper). Aside doing freelance work for personal and professional projects, I've designed the logo now used for Star Lace Dreams, a new, but adorable lolita brand. I've also worked in multiple positions with different fabric and sewing industries (from JoAnn's to sewing sweatshops), so I have a strong idea about different fabrics.
    What Makes You The Right Candidate to Join Pop Princess and Flor?: I've always loved Pop Princess and their style, it's elegant, classy, and with the best touches of cuteness! My style of art is very cutesy, but I'm no one trick pony. I'm head founder of my state community where I've learned new techniques on teamwork and problem solving, and forever continuing to learn and share my love for the fashion of frills with the new and old friends I've made. Having experience in lolita fashion for 9+ years while also understanding a business environment, I feel I'm qualified to work with a fantastic group of beauties where we'd both learn and create together while having a fun time sharing what makes the heart of Pop Princess.

    1. Hi Nicole, thanks for your entry! : ) Would it be possible for you to link us to a few more works so we can get a better idea of your varying styles? Your graphic design is wonderful, we would just enjoy seeing more. Thanks!

  4. First Name: Sorika
    Email: sorika.reilly@gmail.com
    A Portfolio Link: the-hangman-project.deviantART.com
    A Little About Yourself: I have a BA degree in visual arts and have been a freelance artist for 3 years. I have worked as an Art director for one of Ireland's biggest conventions and have done illustration work for the America anime voice actor Spike Spenser. I have an excellent skills in all the adobe suit programs, Paint tools Sai and illustrator.
    What Makes You The Right Candidate to Join Pop Princess and Flor?
    I believe i would be the right candidate because my work focuses on unique designs, clean line-work and colorful designs. I believe my work would suit the theme of your prints and add a spark of creativity. I got into Lolita for the unique and interesting prints of indie brands and it has been a dream of mine to get to work on designing for them, I feel the heart and soul of a good print is it's ability to stand out for them norm with lesser seen themes and romantic imagery. I feel that i would be very well suited to coming up with non-stop streams of new and inventive prints. I am very hard working and can work on a very tight schedule and i work very well both under direction and by my own motivation. It would be an honor to work with Pop Princess, so i hope you will consider me for the position. thank you very much for this opportunity!

    1. Thank you! I received your entry via FB as well! : )

  5. A Little About Yourself: My art love started as it does for most in the art community…in childhood. My love for art was so deep that even the mere thought of having to share my most prized possessions, my crayons, was just too much for me. As I and my passion for art grew, I knew that the next step for me was to set off for art school and make sure that my love of Japanese fashion and comics really shone through my art. I really had an artistic defining moment during my last semester of school and two internships at Marvel. Black lines, apparel design and bold colors were my calling. From that epiphany, I developed my current brand: Hard Decora.

    What Makes You The Right Candidate to Join Pop Princess and Flor?: I think my edgy art style would bring something different Pop Princess's already great brand. We could explore darker themes such as gothic lolita or do something totally new.
    As for my experience, while I was an intern Marvel Entertainment I did apparel design in Creative Services. Currently I'm working with Chicago's Sugar Gamers to create tshirts for them and am just starting Hard Decora with a show July at Elephant Room Gallery.
    I'm very thirsty for experience with other fashion groups so I can broaden my skills and portfolio beyond street wear. I always keep in contact with my clients. I'm open to changes in the plan. Team player is a good way to describe me. I'm quite driven and I'd be glad to put that passion into your brand.

  6. Oops! My name and email/website didn't make it in there!
    Name: Kamilah Jones
    Email: kamilah@harddecora.com
    Website: harddecora.com , facebook.com/harddecora

    1. Dear Kamilah, thank you for your app~we're really happy to receive it! Your art style is absolutely wonderful! ~Annika

  7. First Name: Cory Hernandez
    Email: chorintia@hotmail.com
    A Portfolio Link: https://karhucoryhdz.carbonmade.com/

    A Little About Yourself: I'm from Mexico and I'm in the last year of University, I study Graphic Design and I like draw and fashion since I was a little girl, I've developed a passion for the textile thing since I was 19.
    I took a course (6 months) in my University about this topic and I know this is a hard but funny way. I have great skills in design programs, Photoshop, illustrator and I'm learning to use Paint Tool Sai. I have worked in little projects as freelancer but I think that is interesting to work for a brand.

    What Makes You The Right Candidate to Join Pop Princess and Flor?:

    I think my style would suit the theme and the philosophy of Pop * Princess and Flor, create fabrics that are delicate and feminine with Illustrations that can satisfy the needs of each customer. I have experience in teamwork to develop illustration projects, and I love the feedback about this type of projects.
    I feel strongly that the feminine things, and the lolita things are whole new world of opportunities to create really interesting stuff and I really want be a part of this world.

  8. First Name: Dana
    Email: danamucci@gmail.com
    A Portfolio Link: https://www.facebook.com/danadibuja
    A Little About Yourself: I'm from Argentina and I'm an Illustrator student in my 3rd year. I've always loved to draw since I was little I and I've never stopped! I'm also interested in Graphic Desing and all kinds of arts. I have skills in programos like Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, InDesing and Paint Tool Sai as well as in many tradititional techniques
    What Makes You The Right Candidate to Join Pop Princess and Flor?: I've been interested in japanese fashion for many years, starting with Lolita. I'm currently doing a personal project for my school about japanese styles such as Decora, Fairy key, Mori Girl... as many as I can fit! (You can check it out in my facebook page). So now more than ever I'm am investigating a lot about all the fun and original styles, learning a lot more and getting in touch with the growing kawaii fashion community in my country. I've been drawing lolitas for years now, so this job would be a dream to me. I think that my knowledge of the different styles can provide variety to the desings as well as my visual training in my career and my love for this type of fashion.

  9. Our first 8 contestants have been announced to move on to Round 2 of the contest!
    Please see the official announcement:

    Thanks to everyone who applied! All of you are so talented!


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