Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Quick Look at a New Design!

During this super snowy week/end with work cancelled, we have gotten a little bit of time back to design and work on some new pieces in between the in progress commissions! As I have been in a bit of creative rut lately, I decided to try something different: an all black piece, with only the difference of fabric choices as accents. This is what happened, you can look at it for sale here:

One of my dear friends, a few years ago, had given me this beautiful vintage velvet swiss dot tulle fabric and I have had it tucked away in the drawer as I wasn't quite sure where I wanted to go with it, or what I wanted to do. There was only two yards of it, so I knew until I was sure, I didn't want to waste it!

For the fabrics, I had a small piece of gorgeous, premium black velvet left over from a previous design and so I chose that for the bodice. I decided to do another sheer chiffon neckline, and accent that with a lightly shimmered organza sleeve. For the under skirt, I selected a baroque black satin that I felt had just enough sheen to make the over skirt swiss dot pop.

When I started playing with the pattern, I knew I wanted to have a more elegant silhouette so I really scooped the neckline so it would go up, over the shoulder, and swoop down along the back to expose the shoulder blades of the wearer. I've always found lower necklines on the back of dresses terribly attractive on women!

Originally, I had wanted a silhouette of a very, very full skirt and sleeves but because I had so little of the vintage tulle and width of the organza was a certain size, I went with something more toned down and classic. I compensated that desire of over the top with the over sized, elegant bow and the pretty corset like back with silver eyelets. Beneath the corset like lace up, I inserted a shirred panel which is hidden by the velvet privacy panels.

Instead of doing something aesthetically even, I decided to do something asymmetrical with the bow at the shoulder and the waist line. Overall, I'm really pleased with how it turned out which I haven't been for a long time, which is a relief. And apparently you all like it too which just pleases me greatly! I have never had over a 1,000+ notes on anything before on tumblr but all the comments have made me really happy! Thank you for that!

I hope to show you more in the future, and get my creative head back in the game!


  1. Oh my goodness this is just gorgeous!
    I agree, lowered backlines on women are simply beautiful - much more mysterious and pretty than a full cleavage in my opinion!

    I'm seriously in love with your work, been following it for a while now! If you'd ever consider working together or doing a little collaboration, please feel free to pop me a wee email at scarlet_pout @!

    take care! x

    1. Thanks, beautiful! : 3 I am so happy that you've been enjoying my work! That makes me so happy to hear. I would love to chat more! I'll pop you a message through the official email! xo


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