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Starry Garden Pre-Order Release [OPEN]

{9.17.2013: We've decided to keep Starry Garden open for a few months, as a lot of girls expressed interest and would like to order their dream dress! : ) Message us whenever you're ready! We'll be here!}

AFC!: Starry Garden Reservation Pre-Order: 

Available Colorways : Black, Navy, Slate Blue, Queen Bee Blue, Lavender, Sax Blue, Pink
(White version is available upon request!)
*Please see illustrations below when picking colorways for JSK, SK, and OP 

Available Illustration Designs: There are TWO different styles of the illustrated print available, one features the star crisscross design at the top of the fabric, and the other is simple stars at the top of the fabric. 

Sample Swatches: Lavender/Slate Blue
Pink Colorway

Sample Swatches: Queen Bee, Sax Blue, Pink, Black (not a pure black)

Available Options: We are offering different price ranges for two lining options: a full lining, or a partial lining. All seams inside garment are fully finished, meaning no raw edges show! See photos below: 

*Pop Princess takes no responsibility for wrong choice of illustration design, color, or size! So please, pick carefully.

Reservation Period: August 30th – ??????
(I may consider extending the date if there is a lot of interest!)
  • 1st Deposit Payment Period: August 30th- ????
  • 2nd Final Payment: Due upon completion of garment
  • Payment Method: PayPal only (USD Only)
  • Shipping: October-November
    • Shipping from USA

    Pop Princess accepts PayPal payments!

    You may choose to pay the full deposit up front at time of invoice, however, we happily offer a spilt payment plan: 50/50. We prefer to have 50% of the deposit when the reservation closes upon invoice and then the other 50% + shipment when your garment is completed.

    *Your first 50% payment is NON-REFUNDABLE, so if you back out of the reservation sale or change your mind, please, realize this money will not be refunded as it pays for the garment’s materials/fabric costs.

    *A Note about Additional Payment Plans: I am offering a very small number (5) extended payment plans over a longer period of time. If there is an opening available, and I will work out the details with you under “VIP Princesses.” Please provide me with a site (EGL, Etsy) with 100% good feedback to be eligible. I may consider taking on more, if there is a lot of interest. Note: your garment will be shipped when all payments are completed.

    Deposits must be paid within 3 days of receiving the invoice after ordering.

    Final payment + shipping cost is required before the garment will be shipped.

    Since Pop Princess’ Etsy shop also serves as a portfolio, we would like to list all finished pieces on Etsy, which allows for easy check out and final payment which includes amount owed plus shipping cost! The shop accepts both PayPal and major credit cards.

    If you do not have an account with Etsy and would like us to simply invoice you through Paypal, please let us know.

    VIP Princesses: (5 extended payment slots)
    -K. Heart

    - Shipping
    Pop Princess uses USPS (United States Postal Service) for the delivery of all packages. We will only be shipping our deliveries in boxes or mailer envelopes, allowing for better protection of the garments and reduces the wrinkles you’ll need to iron later. : )

    Yes, we do international shipping! Shipping varies from country to country based upon the size/weight of the item. However, most international shipping cost should be about $23.95 for most countries in a small Priority flat rate cushioned mailer envelope with a 6-10 business day delivery estimate. You may choose a Priority medium box if you like but the shipping price is usually much, much higher.

    For US customers: I only ship priority mail, which includes a tracking number! For small garments like the skirt, shipping cost will be $8.00 in a small Priority flat rate envelope with a 2 day delivery time, and for larger garments like the JSK and OP, the cost will be $12.35 in a medium Priority box with a 2 day delivery time.

    Please allow 1-3 days for us to take your parcel to the post office for delivery after payment completion! This designer also works part-time and is not always able to get the items out straight away, though I do my best for a quick turn around time!


    Materials/Garment Care:
    Fabric: This adorable illustration was completed by the talented Flor Lopez in collaboration with Pop Princess! It is in beloved memory of my little bunny, Hopscotch. I believe every day that she is frolicking about in heaven’s garden, while gazing up at falling stars and watching over me peacefully in the night sky.

    This illustration is printed on lovely organic cotton sateen that has a light, matte shimmer to it and a lovely drape and weight.

    There are 4 yards + fabric in the skirt/hem of each garment which can easily fit 1-4 petticoats depending on the cupcake size you’re going for!

    ***Decorative Laces: The laces on the designs of these garments are vintage crochet and are dyed by hand to match the garment, and very delicate in nature. Please do NOT pull tight on these, as they are only meant to be decorative and will tear.

    Seams/Finishes: All our seams are finished with either French seams or a Hong Kong bias for a more professional, and beautiful garment. This process takes a bit longer, but looks much nicer in the end. We do not use sergers here at Pop Princess!

    Even our hems are completely finished with a blind stitch by hand for a clean, pretty finish which can take anywhere from 2-4 hours!

    Garment Care:
    Please, dry clean your garment the first time! After this, I recommend a cold, delicate wash either by hand or on gentle cycle. Do not machine dry. Please, hang or air dry. Iron on low heat, with the garment turned INSIDE out. Please do not place the iron directly on the outside of the fabric, as it is very delicate material!


    Printing Fabric/Process:
    We will send for the fabrics to be printed 24 hours after the reservation period closes, and all initial payment deposits have been made. Depending on the size of the order the fabric printing will take anywhere between 2-3 weeks, and will take about 3-5 days to ship from the printers to us! We will let you know if there are any delays!

    All garments will be completed in the order that they are received! Depending on the difficulty of the garment, it can take anywhere between 1 week to 3 weeks to finish, sometimes less if I have days off in a row. Again, bear in mind I do work part-time at another job so I will let you know if there are any delays!

    We will be creating a live Google Doc for you to check on the status of your order, and for you to see your place in line. We will also be sending out emails letting you know when we have started your garment!


    Please remember to always have a friendly buddy or partner in crime take your measurements for you! Please use a soft measuring tape, and always add a ½ inch to your bust, waist, and hip measurements to allow for “ease.”

    Taking your own measurements results in inaccuracy and will provide for an ill-fitting garment, which is either too big or too small for you. Pop Princess will not take responsibility for a customer ordering the wrong size, so please be extra careful!

    Never pull the measuring tape tight against your body, as this will cause the garment to be extremely tight fitting! You want a comfy garment, not a modern day method of torture to squeeze in to!  Also when measuring, make sure to wear clothes that fit you well, nothing loose or baggy, as this will make the garment too big. Try a simple jeans and t-shirt!

    Since the JSK and OP will be based partially upon cup size, make sure you’re wearing a bra that is natural and does not have a gigantic amount of padding in it!

    *Note: All garments will sit at the “natural waist” which is narrowest part of the torso, usually around the belly button area. I cannot offer different, custom lengths for torso sizes so read carefully!

    Quick Reference Size Chart: (All US Sizes)
    (B=bust, W=waist, H=hips)

    -Size O-Size 2: B 30-34 inches, W 22-25 inches, H 33-36 inches
    -Size 4-Size 6: B 34-35 inches, W 26-27 inches, H 36-38 inches
    -Size 8-Size 10: B 35-37 inches, W 27-29 inches, H 38-40 inches
    -Size 12: B 37-39 inches, W 30-32 inches, H 41-42 inches
    -Size 14: B 41 inches, W 34 inches, H 43 inches
    -Size 16: B 43 inches, W 36 inches, H 45 inches
    -Size 18: B 45 inches, W 38 inches, H 47 inches
    -Size 20: B 47 inches, W 40 inches, H 49 inches
    -Size 22: B 49 inches, W 42 inches, H 51 inches
    -Size 24: B 51 inches, W 44 inches, H 53 inches
    -Size 26: B 53 inches, W 46 inches, H 55 inches
    -Size 28: B 55 inches, W 48 inches, H 57 inches

    -       Craftsmanship, Return Policy & Exchange -
    ​Since these fabrics are being printed with water based inks, minor misprints can happen which are usually unnoticeable to the eye like small flecks of white where the printer missed. Tiny misprints cannot be grounds for return & exchange. However I will look at your claims case-by-case and if deemed severe enough, I will replace your garment.

    -       Garments cannot be exchanged if they have been worn in any way or have been damaged (including but not limited to pet stains/odor, make-up stains, perfume/cigarette odor, rips, etc).

    -       If you are unhappy with your garment, please, contact us! I am happy to assist you if I can.

    -       If the garment has been approved for return, the customer must do so within 7 days of receiving it, having previously notified Pop Princess via email. All garments must be returned with all pieces: including tags, extra thread/buttons, etc.

    -       If a garment is returned, the customer will be responsible to pay return shipping and incur a “relisting/restock” fee. The customer will then be refunded only the second half of the deposit minus shipping, or have the garment replaced. Refunds will only be given AFTER the garment has been shipped and is in the possession of Pop Princess.

    -       Since all the design and seamstress work is done by hand, please, know that I try my hardest to make an absolutely beautiful garment and am very picky about things being done correctly, but human error and inconsistencies can occur such as, but not limited to: +/- ½ inch measurement, loose threads, uneven stitching, etc. Please be aware of this before ordering as it cannot be a basis for return/exchange, unless a severe case.

    I take personal pride in making sure all transactions go smoothly, and that my beautiful princesses are happy with their purchase! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you, and I will do my best to oblige. Thank you again for your continuous support!

    Starry Garden Garments:

    Sizes Available 0-10, 12-28
    Natural Waist: 22-42 inches
    Hip: Loose/Free
    Skirt Length: 22 inches
    (I have a little more wiggle room for length of skirt, by 1-2 inches if you need it a bit longer or shorter.)

    Materials: Organic cotton sateen, shimmer organza, pin back, elastic, pearl buttons, interfacing
    Features: Removable waist ties, side zip, partial shirring, detachable waist bow

    Price with Partial Lining: 0-12: $200.00, 12-20: $240.00, 20-28: $280.00
    Price with Full Lining: 0-12: $220, 12-20: $260.00, 20-28: $320.00

    Sizes Available 0-14
    Bust: 30-41 inches
    Natural Waist: 22-34 inches
    Hip: Loose/Free
    Skirt Length: 22 inches

    Materials: Organic cotton sateen, white poly chiffon, elastic, satin ribbon
    Features: Side zip, adjustable strap with button, partial shirring, detachable chiffon waist bow---Note: The length of this waist bow has been shortened a bit since samples were made.

    Price with Partial Lining: 0-14: $230.00
    Price with Full Lining: 0-14: $260.00
    The gorgeous Mary wearing Queen Bee Colorway!
    Slate Blue Colorway Featured

    Sizes Available 0-12
    Bust: 30-39 inches
    Natural Waist: 22-32 inches
    Hip: Loose/Free
    Skirt Length: 22 inches

    Materials: Organic cotton sateen, poly chiffon, elastic, satin ribbon, vintage cotton lace, interfacing
    Features: center back zip, no shirring, lace up back 
    (*Note: the OP will not come with the rose epaulettes or pearls at the neckline!)

    Price with Partial Lining: 0-12: $260.00
    Price with Full Lining: 0-12: $290.00

    Lavender Colorway Featured

    Note: If you're close to max size measurement, please choose the next size up as you can always lace up the back to make it a bit smaller and this will ensure a proper fit/comfort.

    -       Order form -

    If you would like to order, please complete the form below and send an email to:

    • Your Full Name (for post office):

    • Type: Skirt/JSK/OP

    • Design Print: Crisscross pattern or Simple Stars?

    • Color:

    • Lining: Full or Partial?

    • E-mail:

    • PayPal Account Email:

    • Phone Number (required for shipping):

    • Full Shipping address:

    • Additional comments:

    • Size: 0-10: _______ 12-28: _____

    • Measurements (remember to add ½ inch for ease, please!), and have a friend help!
    -Front Body Width:
    -Bra Cup Size:
    -Natural Waist (smallest area of torso, usually belly button):
    -Width Across Shoulders:
    -Front Torso Length:
    -Natural Waist to Knee Length:

    (If you’re ordering the OP with Sleeves, additional measurements:)
    -Arm Length:

    *Replies will be made in 2-3 business days! Thanks for understanding! Again, any questions:  

    1. Do you ship worldwide?
    We certainly do! Please read our “shipping” section at the top for more info!

    1a. Where do you ship from?
    Ohio, United States!

    2. How long does it take to get a dress/skirt/etc?
    Please reread the “printing/process” section!

    3. Do you accept payment plans?
    Yes, we do accept payment plan which are in a “split payment” of 50% up front, and the final payment + shipping upon completion. For details please go back to top of the page and read "payment."

    4. Are you able to do custom sizing?
    We are unable to take custom sizing at this time, sorry!

    5. Are colorways in the photos true to real life?
    Please realize that the colors that show up on the monitor/screen of your computer may differ from how they appear in real life, and vary from lighting, etc. We try to photograph our pieces in natural lighting to get them as close as possible! 

    6. How do I know what size I am?
    Please read the “sizing/measurements” section again. As long as you give us accurate measurements, we’ll make sure to pick the right pattern/size of the garment for you

    See our video/written guide for measuring here:

    7. Are all sizes available for all garments, and how do I care for my garment?
    Only certain sizes are available for each design at this time. Read carefully to see what sizes/measurements are offered for each garment.

    Please read the “care” section again! Remember dry clean first, then cold, delicate wash and line dry!

    8. Are your patterns/sewing/garments/designs made by hand or by a factory?
    Even though I say a lot of plurals like “we” and “us,” please realize that everything is made by Miss Annika Simmons here at Pop Princess from start to finish! So there’s no sewing studio or factory here… unless you count the designer as a machine of course? This is a one girl show! I make the designs, draft the patterns, do the fit samples, the sewing, the photography, etc---you name it, I do it! : o

    9. What is your return policy?
    Please read “return policy” section.

    9. Do you sell your fabric?
    Since the fabric is a collaboration between Pop Princess and the lovely illustrator, Flor Lopez of Coffeshere, we do not sell our fabrics at this time as this would infringe upon copyright and our contractual agreement, sorry!

    9. What is the difference between a partial and full lining again?
    Pop Princess wanted to be able to offer a decent price range, by offering different options of how people wanted their dresses/garments. A partial lining means that only the bodice part of the garment is lined, and a full lining means both the bodice and the skirt is lined. A full lining basically just means you are adding an under slip!

    Keep in mind, all seams are completely finished with French seams and Hong Kong bias so there are no loose threads or anything on the inside of the garment shown with a partial lining. It’s really just personal preference! Remember to see our pictures for examples! : ) 

    Remember, feel free to leave us any questions you might have!

    If you prefer to ask through EGL, here is the reservation page below: 



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