Tuesday, June 11, 2013

FRILL 2013: The Picture Book Version (?), featuring cute friends and runway pieces!

It has been almost a week now since I attended the all lolita convention down in Atlanta, Georgia! I had hoped by now to have scoured the internet and found many pretty photos and videos of the fashion show. Alas! The professional photos will not be ready for some time now, and it seems like everyone must be very busy as I haven't seen many photos/videos! When they do come in, I promise to post them though, as I did not want to keep you waiting much longer.

This will have been my 7th fashion show thus far for the Pop Princess brand! And I have made very wonderful new friends, and was absolutely astonished and so very happy for all of you that came up, recognized who I was, the brand, and shared your admiration! It was very touching! Thank you so much for being wonderful. : 3

I will share the details of the madness perhaps in a second posting, a verbal version, or rather... written? Ha ha.

Before heading out, I got to help set up "shop" for I Do Declare and Perianth, or rather stood around and took cute photos of them C :

Designs from Perianth!
Designs from I Do Declare
I Do Declare and Perianth Displays
The weekend started out with sharing a wonderful meal with the most amazing girls: Kelsey from I Do Declare, Millie from Sweet Mildred, Koda from Perianth, and Martha from Moss Marchen. We ate delicious indian food and chattered about the ridiculously cute accents (and overall handsome-ness) of the southern gentleman!

The rest of the night was spent ironing/steaming garments in preparation for the next day! Look at all those garments I had to do! : o

I did get dressed up for the Saturday events before the fashion show, but for the life of me was unable to get a decent photo of myself. xD So I gave up. I decided to wear the new Starry Garden JSK prototype!

Though I did not get good photos, I was able to photograph my beautiful and talented model, Erin. : 3
She is wearing the Stuffed Animals Polka Dot JSK! I was only sad I had been unable to bring my DSLR for professional photos!

Now, I know what you all really want to see.... *o* The runway garments, which include three of the Starry Garden prototypes. <3 Right? Are you sure you don't want to wait longer? No, you want to see them now? Well... Okay. : ) I will share a couple!

I can't wait for the professional photos!!! From L to Right: Hailey, Ashley, Me, Erin, Kelsey

Starry Garden OP in Lavender:

Starry Garden JSK in Slate Blue:

Starry Garden Skirt in Cobalt Blue and Silky Bow Tie Blouse:

(Our first plus size design, 18-20! And Ashley looked fabulous in it!)

Stuffed Animals Polka Dot JSK, with Chiffon Peplum:

Alice in Wonderland Under Bust Corset Skirt and Silky Chiffon Ribbon Blouse:

These prototype/runway pieces are going to be available to purchase in the Pop Princess Shop! And the pre-order release of Starry Garden should be no later than the end of this month if all goes smoothly. : )

And last but not least, the first video I've found of the FRILL fashion show. Pop Princess starts at 5:00 minutes:

Again, I really want to thank you for all your support and admiration! Without that, Pop Princess would not even exist. <3

And I just want to say, for all of you that came up to introduce yourself and chat even if you were feeling shy I really loved it! Also, thanks for knowing who Flor is, our super talented illustrator, because she deserves so much admiration!

Do tell us which was your favorite runway piece! Or really just anything on your mind. : )  And give a big round of applause to all the designers and the members of Frill that worked hard to make it all happen!



  1. So many pretty photos of such beautiful dresses! Grats on your show and getting everything on your shop! I am SUPER excited about when I can order my dress! I'm dreaming of it xD But seriously, everyone did such amazing work. Congrats. You all deserve it <3

    1. *o* Thank you, my loveeee!! <3 All the models worked very hard, and I am hoping to post up the professional photos when they get them because they all posed super pretty and stuff! Iiiiii am sooooo excited to make it for you, darling girl! <3 <3 You're the best!

  2. I just wanted to let you know I lover your dresses and I love the prints :3
    I am an illustrator myself and I've known about lolita fashion for a while but recently I've decided I'm going to make some prints too, it's so cool to design your own clothing! Your blog is very inspiring and I think what you do is amazing, keep it up!

    1. Dear Petra, sorry for the late response! I don't get back here as often as I should! Thank you so much for your compliments! I would love to see your illustrations and designs that you decide to come up with in the future, so feel free to send your link if you would like. I am sure what you do is very wonderful too! xoxo


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