Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello New Fabric & Adorable 2013 Schedule Book!

I'm feeling like a fluff writing piece today since it has been another stressful week at work, and I need something to cheer up. Nothing serious, just cute pictures of cute things!

While I am extremely excited to be going through the semi-finalists round with an amazing set of illustrators for the Pop Princess contest, I did go ahead and purchase a new fabric back at the beginning of January that features another print from Alice in Wonderland! Can you blame me? Look how beautifully detailed it is!

I was intrigued by this print because of it's wide border print (maybe 1 foot plus in width!) but of how these illustrations look more like watercolors, which I thought was a nice change from the blocked, outlined prints that I have been getting recently. This particular print features Alice painting the roses red while whispering secrets about the Queen of Hearts to her bunny and deer friends, none the wiser that the pack of cards are listening in!

I like the whimsy displayed in this print, which sort of reminds me of elements thrown in surrealist paintings like the ones from Salvador Dali with melting clocks and such. Keys, clocks, and chess pieces float over the garden, while a cup of tea is served in the air.

While I do love the details in the border, I appreciate the simplicity and symmetry of the blue/creme diamond print on the top of the fabric which features very simple silhouette designs of things like crowns, candelabras, and keys. This fabric will for sure be ready in time to feature at FRILL 2013!

I was also very excited to finally receive by new schedule book for 2013! (Which for some reason, the post office decided not to deliver to me and was just sitting in the back for a month? -_-) I believe it features the collaboration work of Disney and famous illustrator, Shinzi Katoh!
 I was absolutely charmed with the illustrations inside of it as not only did it feature some of my favorite Disney characters, but was primarily filled with the ones that are more fairytale and princess related like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast! <3 Plus, every other month had cute sayings in it to go with the illustrations!
 It features both a monthly and weekly view, which is perfect for me since I like to keep track of more important dates (birthdays, important events, etc) in the month sections and then keep myself on track weekly with my own personal "to do" lists. It's also a lot lighter and more condensed than my last one!
I actually have a collection now of yearly planners, but this one is the most recent that I will be retiring now that the new one is here! It's called Bonny Berry, an undated Korean schedule/planner, that was adorable and definitely one of my favorites! (Due to the size, it was pretty weighty to carry around in my purse though!)

This planner still makes me want to put a strawberry bonnet on my cat's head. Immediately.
In case I ever need to know how to make strawberry cake in Korean! Here's a recipe!
Surrounding my self with cute things like this to look at on a daily basis reminds me that not everything is so bad, and these little things usually make me smile!

Well, that's all my nonsense for today! ^-^

Hope you're looking forward to the annoucement of the 6 semi-finalists on Sunday! : )


  1. Aww such cute planners! Makes me miss using my Rilakumma one~❤
    Also, that Alice print! So detailed and great for lolita~ (。’▽’。)♡

    1. Aren't cute planners SO worth having? :3 They just make the year better!
      You'll have to get a new Rilakumma one! <3 We'll be cute schedule buddies!

      I'm so glad you like the print! <3 I think I'll probably make it into an underbust/corset skirt! <3

    2. OMG,I want that schedule book!Its the cutest thing I have ever seen *v* I loved specially the Winnieh the Pooh and Alice images <3 Its nice to see rhe disney characters in this cute style!

      And the new fabric is too awesome!I can totally imagine a precious skirt made of it <3 Im sure you will do a great job with it :D

  2. Hotaru <3 Thank you for your sweet compliments and confidence in my work! ^-^ You make me smile so much! :3

    If you ever have time, just google japanese or korean planner diary schedule! And if you want, here is the Ebay seller I bought the planner from. <3 jacinthe0728

  3. Such adorable illustrations in those planners! And omg that fabric! ♥ I would so love to have a dress of that~

    1. Kieli <3 Yay! ^-^ I'm glad it's so popular!! Sometimes I'm never sure if it will be liked or not, but I'm sure glad to see it is. xo

    2. Trust me, you have great taste! And the print is absolutely gorgeous! I hope we get to see your piece soon :3

    3. ^-^ <3 Well thank you for your support, darling!! It's so nice! You've got me all ready to go and make something awesome.


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