Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pop Princess 2015 Illustrator Contest: The Finalists! Time to Vote! (Voting: CLOSED)

Welcome back, royal citizens of the Candy Kingdom! The time has finally come for you to see the 3 finalists who have braved their way through challenges and difficult tasks to be here! It is time for you to see their completed fabric design illustrations in all their glory!

Pop Princess and Coffeshere cannot be more proud of their hard work and dedication! It was very difficult for both of us to narrow down the contestants to just three with such a very talented group of artists!

So without further ado, we would like to present to you the following artists and their illustrations. (If you would like to review the artists interviews and learn more about them, you may do so here.) (If you're looking for the artists portfolios/links follow the "here" link as well!)

Remember, it is you who decides their fate! You who appoints the next royal illustrator, and you who can make their dreams come true of turning their design into the next Pop Princess collection full of beautiful dresses and accessories!! (And then of course you'll be able to wear those designs! :) )

GOOD LUCK TO ALL! We adore each and every one of you! <3 

* * * * *

Name: Angelique
**The Fabric Illustration: Doll Maker**


  I wanted to create something creepy and cute so I made the Dollmaker print.

I found a quote by Warsan Shire:
“You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, someone not everyone knows how to love.”
I wanted to make something that showed that you can take your broken parts and put them together; the end result will be something so tragic and beautiful. People would wonder what kind of things you've been through. The scars and cracks you so hate will be the untold stories that would mesmerize those who behold them. I like the thought of a dollmaker, putting together broken parts and turning them into one beautiful doll who stands out because of how imperfectly she was made. 

* * * * *


Name: Merenlha
**The Fabric Illustration: The Dreamy Ugly Duckling**


I chose "The ugly duckling" because is a very beautiful story about courage and finding your place in the world. Most people think the ugly duckling is about changing to become a beautiful swan, that's why it's been an inspiration for extreme makeovers in tv, but it is not. The lesson behind the story is about finding who you are, and how by knowing yourself you can become a better version of yourself. The ugly duckling was always a swan, but he didn't know it. 

We all are in some way the ugly duckling, scared of the world because we don't know who we are, but we all are a beautiful swan deep inside of us. We only have to know ourselves and appreciate all the good things we have.

* * * * *

Name: Alejandra 
**The Fabric Illustration: Birth of a Star**

How are stars born? Well yes, there is a scientific explanation, but many years has the man wonder where those beautiful shining stars come from, and there have been many stories surrounding it.

My story is about fireflies; fireflies have actually a small amount of life, so when they pass away, they continue shining in the sky. But it's not like a automatic thing that happened. Once they die, they are reborn into fruit stars, that grow on the heavenly trees, guarded by the night goddess. Once the fruit stars are in full bloom, they are released into the skies and all the heavenly creatures reunite to see that happening, which is the part that is represented on the fabric.
And after the stars are done with their lives, they fall back once more into earth and turn into fireflies, so that light is never gone, it just keeps changing over and over, but the light is always there, in the skies or in the forest, always leading the way into new things.     

* * * * *



Cast your VOTE now for your favorite artist!!!
(CLOSED as of 8.11.2015 at MIDNIGHT) 

*It has come to our attention that there has been a great deal of false voting going on in an attempt to skew the voting in favor of one artist or the other. This is not acceptable.*

*Please note that you may only vote once per day. Multiple votes from the same person(s) are being collected and recorded through the raw data and will only be counted as 1 vote.*

We will be reviewing the end result to ensure that the finally tally is accurate after voting closes, so please understand that the display counter on the voting may not reflect the current voting 100% accurately. You may see our official announcement about this here .


  1. Beautiful work. Please can you link to the artists? I can't seem to find them through Google

    1. Dear Madeleine, yes! : ) Just follow this link through from the second paragraph to be linked to their portfolios! http://lepopprincess.blogspot.com/2015/07/pop-princess-2015-illustrator-contest.html

  2. Birth of a Star is my most absolute favorite of these! So beautiful *o*

  3. 1 angelique

    amazing works!!! <3 i love it so much


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