Friday, November 2, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: My Cute Loli Playlist!

Oh Pusheen, I do love you so.


 Week 6: Your Lolita Playlist

This week's topic was refreshingly open ended, and not too complicated, which is a nice change of pace given the hectic weather related incidents we've all been having because of the hurricane! Almost all of Northern Ohio along the lake coast has no power/heat/anything because of the power outages caused by the plant going kaboom on Tuesday night. Hopefully I get this published in the few minutes I do have internet! We had no heat/hot water/electricity for two days and it was absolutely miserable. We couldn't take it anymore, so we drove an hour west and luckily there is some power here. I can't imagine what it's like for the coast line.

Before I continue, to everyone on the east coast who is without power because of the hurricane, my thoughts and heart are with you. I keep watching the news/photos roll through of the devastation Sandy caused, and I can only hope that you are safe and warm. Please keep your chins up, and let's hope everything gets fixed soon!

Enjoy my Lolita playlist of songs that either remind me of frilly cuteness or things I listen to while dressing up in frilly-ness!

Kyary Kyary Pamyu (All of her songs are cute!)

Hatsune Miku/ Vocaloid

These are just a few things I like! So what music/songs do you like to listen to while dressing up in your ribbons and pearls? Or what music reminds you of Lolita? ^-^ 

Find out what other lolis jam to from the Lolita Blog Carnival! ♥


  1. Hi Annika, I'm glad to see you posting - something I forgot to add in my previous comment. I'm quite worried for you girls in the US, what's shown on News looks pretty horrible. How are you and your family coping now?

    As for the songs, that's a very interesting taste! So happy they make you dance - I kind of like them, which is something since mostly I can't stand electronical music. And the Pon Pon Pon music video... I'm torn between 'What the heck did I just watch' and awe. It takes a great talent to take craziness to this levelXDDD

  2. ^-^ Hi Rosa!

    I felt the same way when I first saw Kyary's videos! All of them are incredibly weird!!! Just so bizarre. When I first saw PonPonPon, I stared at the screen with an open D: mouth like this and was like, "Whaaaat am I watchinggg?!" Haha. Now, I just can't help but watch them again and laugh hard because it's so strange! XD Her music is awfully cute though!

    Oh thank you for your concern! <3 We did not have power for 3 days, and up here on the northern coast it gets very cold, very quickly in the winter. So I was visiting my mom, and we didn't have any heat/hot water, so I was dragging around a sleeping bag and we just stayed huddled up around a little candle playing cards. We drove to where I live and luckily, they had restored power! We are doing good, and it looks like they are beginning to fix some of the problem. I worry about all the people on the coast line, especially NY though! :(


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