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Lolita Blog Carnival... 3 Trends Not For Me!

◕‿‿◕ I am super ecstatic about being accepted into the brand new, Lolita Blog Carnival, community! In short, it is a networking community of bloggers, started by the lovely Victoria Suzanne of Parfait Doll, Caro-chan of FYeahLolita, and Christina of Ramble Rori. It is a blossoming community filled with many authors of various blogs that focus on Lolita fashion, trends, and culture from various sub-styles. Its main goal is to nurture the creative side of its Lolita bloggers, allowing them to choose from different prompts or topics that vary from week to week, which challenges authors to respond to the topic in full. Each author responds to the prompt with his, or her, own unique take or personal opinion on the topic, and then links to various other blogs allowing for a network of shared information, ideas, and thoughts of participating blogs under the LBC tent!

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This week's prompt: 3 Trends You Could Never Get In To!

Me trying on a bonnet at the BTSSB in Paris
1. Bonnets

I think bonnets are adorable, I really do! I think on certain people they look absolutely stunning the way the lace, roses, and pearls frame and set off the face as if set off by a gilded frame giving one an air of being quite regal. When other lolita wear bonnets, I always feel myself unmistakably drawn to their hair flowing around their shoulders, sweeping just across their long lashed faces, and demure smiles. Bonnets make them appear so lovely, so picturesque, and perfect.

For me though, I have never been terribly fond of hats to begin with... I think it's because since the 7th grade onward my hair has gotten progressively shorter, and covering it up just made me look silly. While I adore bonnets, I know I can't wear them because I am quite petite and my face is very small, so having something that big surrounding my face makes me look even tinier and childish.

1. Stuffed Animal Purses

When I was growing up I actually had an entire top bunk bed filled with stuffed animals... no really! Dozens of them just stacked on the top bed, all of them being cute and hanging out together, probably discussing important fuzzy animal things like tea parties and who to elect for the next Teddy Town President.

Growing up, and as I've gotten older, I have constantly had to deal with always having to explain my age, stature, and weight... with questions like, "Have you always been this small?" "You can't be --x-- years old, you look like you're 14!" or "Wait, how much do you weigh?!" As the years go by, I find myself getting more and more annoyed with having to explain this as I do tend to look younger. I tend to steer clear of items like stuffed animal purses when dressing in the Lolita style because while I love sweet prints, and cute things I know that carrying around a teddy bear will not help me look my age.

3. "Theme" Lolita 

Don't get me wrong, I think that there is a time and place for costumes, dress up, and wearing a gigantic white cat hat with a pink bow to make you look like Hello Kitty. I think there is an appropriate time to wear kitty ears, fluffy tails, and princess crowns with flowing tresses. And collaborations between designers can be a cute thing for both companies.... I just wouldn't necessarily wear any of it.

Lolita fashion has always been a frillier version of haute couture in my mind. I believe that it is the same pursuit of high fashion, of filling your closet with "grail pieces" from brands like Chanel or Dior. Fashion is a living, moving work of art, where you can endlessly create and recreate yourself through yards of fabric, accessories, and color choices. It is a pure indulgence of self expression.

With the addition of "theme" pieces in Lolita like princess hats, bunny or kitty ears, Gloomy Bear or Hello Kitty collabs, or even seasonal jewelry/prints/accessories... I feel like it takes away from the high fashion sense of Lolita and makes me feel like I would be wearing more of a costume, like I am playing dress up as a kid in my mom's shoes and pearls.

xo Annika


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